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  1. My first serious shots from SA100. I'm not sure if it is well calibrated, but it looks good;) Any suggestions?
  2. I started this project in October and I finished it yesterday. I have just only six and half hours-Ha-3h,OIII-2h-RGB 30min (each) SW 120ED,ST8300,AZ EQ6GT-6h HaOIIIRGB
  3. Patryk


    I thought it would be much better but the fog changed my plans and I ended up only 79 frames. Canon 450Dmod,CLS Eos Clip,Canon 200mm 2.8L @f3.5,AZ EQ6GT-79x120sec ISO800
  4. Taken last night, but unfortunately not as long as I wanted. SW 120ED,ST8300,AZ EQ6GTHa 9x600OIII 5x600
  5. https://www.flickr.com/photos/56955748@N03/14744901361/
  6. Second shot from my new Sbig. Stars in corner look like star trails,but in the next time I think that it will be better.
  7. Second shot from my new Sbig. Stars in corner look like star trails,but in the next time I think that it will be better.
  8. Hi In Tuesday came my new SBIG ST-8300 so this is the first light of the camera and the first attempts at bi-color. 80ED,WO FF/FR/ST-8300 Ha-8x900sek OIII-4x900sek Now I use my old Canon only for wide field Canon 450Dmod,CLS Eos Clip,Canon 200mm 2.8L-2h,ISO800
  9. Here is the two images processed from last night. That is also first light from a new setup. SCT 9.25 f6.3, Canon 450Dmod,CLS Eos clip,HEQ5 M51-57x180sek. ISO 1600 M65/M66 - 82x180sek. ISO 800
  10. Colour version SCT 9.25,DBK21AU618
  11. SCT 9.25 f 10,Basler,IR Pro 807 full resolution - http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5504/11911496804_561e843cf2_o.jpg SCT 9.25,TV x3,Basler,GSO red
  12. 80ED,TVx3,Basler,ND5,Solar Continnum,IR Cut
  13. SCT 9.25 f20,DBK21AU618,IR Cut- 65x1800
  14. Here is full resolution- http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3802/11874489915_c586ae11c2_o.jpg
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