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  1. So tonight's target chosen from 'Turn Left at Orion' - The Bootes double stars again a first for me. will the different star colours be clearly visible with my Dobsonian 200p? Or would I need filters? The book states 'High power' so would this be my 8mm EP thanks in advance
  2. It was a struggle to find them, but did eventually. Observed for about an hour.. All 3 kept blurring out then would reappear again for a short while! Still very faint though..I guess that was due to the hazy cloud you referred to maybe? Was pleased to have found them though...my best view tonight was using the 25mm.. Thanks for everyone's advice..much appreciated. back to 'Turn left at Orion' now to select my next target for tomorrow night hopefully.
  3. Just had to educate myself on Bortle.. Another lesson learned..thanks Dr Strange
  4. Thanks for this everyone. being a novice I only have the following EP's super 25 wide angle (came with telescope) super 10 ( came with telescope) celestron x-cel lax 8 starguider ED 18mm so hoping then that the 25 and 18 should bu useful?
  5. Hello, hopefully will be clear enough skies tonight in north Cornwall. I'm going to try and find the Leo trio with my 200p. not observed these before. Was wandering what the best EP will be please?.. thanks Nick
  6. Nick Sargeant


    Hello All, Just emptied the outbuilding and uncovered my Skyliner 200p which i purchased over 5 years ago. Started off quite keen for a few months, but life got in the way as it does. Looking forward to getting back into the hobby.. Live in north Cornwall and would be keen to join a club if anyone could recommend one..(Obviously when the lockdown is over) Practically starting from scratch again., Apologies in advance for any silly questions i may ask.. Thanks Nick
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