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  1. Not that it causes me any observing issue but I don’t really get the solar lights that people stick in grave yards either - what’s the point in that??? Seems there is a culture to light up just about everything these days...
  2. Thanks guys I appreciate your thoughts; there seems to be a single post over on Cloudy Nights where a chap claims to have spoken to Celestron and been told that you can mount an ota on either arm and then follow an alignment and the Goto should work... the post does not say if there is any specific mode for that to work but personally I would have been surprised if it just worked as easy as that. Likewise I wouldn't imagine it would be a complicated setting in the software to get it to work. I might just give it a go tomorrow (if it's sunny) but I assume that Ian and Knighty above are correct. I've emailed Celestron for comments so I'll see what they have to say too.
  3. Thanks for replying I just wondered if there was some kind of menu or utility that would allow it but I've not found anything. Obviously i can use it in the correct orientation without the sun shield. I'm guessing you are right but I might just try emailing the query direct to Celestron.
  4. Just pondering whether the Nexstar 5SE mount will work when orientated the opposite way around? The mount usually holds the Nexstar 4 or 5 ota's with the arm to the left of the tube. I'm wishing to mount a PST on the mount but if I use the sun shield it will only fit when the dovetail is to the right so I'm wondering if the mount would work with the PST's ota to the left and with the arm on the right as in this photo?
  5. Thanks Knighty I thought it was probably something as simple as that :-)
  6. I've got a Nexstar SE mount and I've been intending use it for my PST to track the Sun however using the handset I cannot find the sun listed under the Solar System align menu... piggybacking on my large CPC1100 it's listed in the handset menu but it seems to be missing from the menu on the Nexstar 5SE. I was hoping for a more portable solution thus the 5SE mount would be ideal especially as it has a built in EQ wedge for basic imaging... Any ideas I'm wondering if its an unlockable feature somewhere or is it available by a handset update?
  7. Thanks for all your comments yes an extra etalon would be really nice but very pricey as is everything in Ha astronomy...
  8. Thanks Merlin I was mainly wondering about the colour observing (Wratten) filters which enhance certain features on the planets I've used these a lot on planetary observations.
  9. Thanks guys the Plossl design doesn't really surprise me, Just as with planetary astronomy the Plossl is a fantastic performer. I am much more surprised by the Baader Zoom I've never really been greatly impressed by zoom ep's although the Baader is by far the best zoom I've had the pleasure of trying. Do any observational (or ccd) filters work well with Ha?
  10. I'm a HA newbie and I've just acquired a Coronado PST. What are the best ep's to use with the PST and do the Coronado Cemex or the Lunt solar ep's have any real difference over standard good quality Ep's ?
  11. Hiya Okay lots of past discussion on this topic I appreciate but most of it seems to be about controlling Sky Watcher dobs; so what Equipment do I need and how do I set it all up? If anybody happens to have pictures of this kit set up on a Celestron CPC I'd greatly appreciate it - step by step instructions would be most useful too. Thanks for any help Phil
  12. Thanks for that Simon CMS are Meeting Tonight for an evening of observing as the clouds appear to be lifting to leave us with some cracking clear skies - or at least we are hoping so. The Met Office App forecast is good if you don't know where we meet please see our website and contact us or reply here http://www.centralmidlandsstargazers.com
  13. Thanks I will let you know how it goes later, you'd be very welcome to pop by anytime We're hoping for a reasonable attendance... Fingers crossed.
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