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  1. Hi, looking for a good sturdy steel legged tripod for my Meade LXD55 mount to drop on to, needs to have the alt az post built in or capability for a screw in post. Would any one know of any suitable tripod ? Thanks in advance Edwin
  2. Hi..my first time here and hope you are all ok. Returning to Astronomy I have an old meade ldx55 sn10..not used for 18 yrs, thinking of hypertuning and adding belt drives. Looked at variou forums, came across WarpsDrive which is no longer available but lots of info in the install pdf. Just wondered what the width of the pulleys and belt are, I guess 6mm..could be 10mm max? Also what tooth to tooth distance used, 3mm or 5mm? What length is the belt?Any help and advice appreciated. Thanks in advance Ed Manchester UK
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