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  1. Not so, Paul. As the architect for the observatory I felt it was important that it was as accessible possible. There is level access around the building once you have driven to the site, accessible thresholds at all entrances, a disabled persons toilet, a stairlift to the upper level and wheelchair access ramps up into the main telescope dome. Hope to see you there when it opens!! Colin
  2. Hi Gaz. IMHO, the Megrez 72 is the "little scope that can". I've been using one for astrophotography for a couple of years now, and whilst I'm certainly no astrophoto wizard, I'd highly recommend it. The combination of portability and good optics is what attracted me to it in the first place. It's short focal lenght makes it ideally suited to DSLR work, provided you use a field flattener. It's a well machined piece of kit for a very reasonable price. The early models suffered from focuser "creep", especially if your attaching any weight to it. However I believe that WO has now sorted this out with the latest model. It's great for wide field visual work too due to its compact size. I often use it with a 2" 32mm Skywatcher PanaView eyepice, and with that combination you don't need a finder! I've never tried astrovid with it, but its limited aperture might be an issue here, depending on what you're using. Hope this helps, Colin
  3. It probably looks like that from the web site, but all that counts at the end of the day are the telephone votes received for each project between 9:00am and midnight on the day of the vote. All the other stuff about Twitter feeds and facebook support is really just for show. Colin
  4. Well, despite all of our efforts we didn't manage to get enough votes to win our bid. None the less, another big thanks to everyone who took the time to ring in and vote for us. It's important to state here that the construction of the observatory will proceed anyway, and we hope to start on site before the end of the Summer. We will also continue to seek alternative sources of funding for the planetarium. I hope to be able to make posts in the near future to keep everyone up to date on progress with the Dark Sky Observatory. Colin
  5. Guys, A gret BIG thank you for all your help and support with our project. :hello2: We have not yet heard whether or not we were successful but we'll let you know as soon as we do. Thanks again Colin
  6. Steve, Like the new web site. Had a great time last year and hope to make it down again in October. Also looking forward to sampling some Kikinner Inn sonic Guiness:D Colin
  7. Considering some "hubble pallette" imaging through the WO 72 myself, so glad to see you're getting very encouraging results. Nice one! Colin
  8. Something of a red letter day for me, as this is my first post on the forum after joining quite some time ago. I thought it was appropriate to post my thanks to Steve, Mike and the other organizers of the second Galloway Star Camp. I had an excellent weekend and we even had clear skies over Friday night/Saturday morning. Saturday night proved to be less favourable weather wise, but Alec at the Kirkinner Inn managed to keep us fed and watered This image of the Pac-man is a total of 90 mins of H-alpha taken with the Atik 16ic and Megrez 72. Thanks for looking. Colin
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