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  1. the concept of time travelling terminator is a moot point, which forms the sci-fi premise for the tv series and the movie. a bit pointless to argue with that, but we can analyse the remaining aspects which are presented as science. Anyway glad to see that this has generated quite a bit of discussion and I have some ideas for me to determine the exact date if I were to wake up in the middle of nowhere, although I wouldnt have the appropriate equipment for some of the methods suggested above.
  2. but I am assuming that one needs to track the rotation of the stars for some time to determine the earth's axis of rotation and then see how far away Polaris is from that point. This process should take at least a few minutes rather than seconds even for a powerful AI?
  3. Lol....I want that upgrade for my next telescope (without the Terminator functionality, of course!
  4. In the scifi tv series- Terminator the Sarah Connor chronicles, there was an episode wherein a time travelling robot lands at around the 1950's and he looks up at the night sky to confirm that he has landed on the correct date. I am not sure how this is possible as in order to detect the difference in the parallax measurements, he should have a very powerful telescope that will be too big to be fitted into his eye socket. He would also need an extraordinarily powerful instrument to determine the shift of the Polaris relative to the earth's rotational axis. Is this assumption correct or is it t
  5. Really Nice. Can I ask how you find this object, as my hand controller only has IC and NGC objects ( and M of of course).
  6. Best I could manage with my mobile phone, while clinging to the edge of a table.
  7. Hello all, came across this issue 3 nights ago. I think it is ice forming on the ccd sensor, but not sure why it happened as the outside temperature was about 10 degrees on average through a 3 hr imaging session (started at around 13 degrees). Turned on the cooler on the camera for a target temp of - 5 degrees which was maintained throughout. after about 1 .5 hours the image started developing a weird shade at the centre. checked the objective, which was clear of dew. ( dew heater strap was on). looked down the scope and found a oval shaped area of fogginess at the centre of the CCD sensor, w
  8. what telescope are you using? Looks like a collimation issue to me.
  9. oh ok, afaik, those files will have different pixel content, hence I dont think you can stack them. You can however use an image processing software such as adobe PS or GIMP to overlay them.
  10. Obviously you already have the subframes as fits files, so you can omit the file conversion step.
  11. I am not an expert, but when I used it recently, it gave me very good results for the same process that ended up with hot pixel trails in deep sky stacker. This is the process I follow: You need to put all your images ( light frames, darks and flats in separate sub folders named "Lights", "Darks" "Flats"- the names should be exactly those, otherwise it wouldnt work) in one single folder . Then head over to siril, use each of the tabs in sequence--File conversion, sequence, pre-processing etc.. While in file conversion, select the "change directory" button and select your "
  12. stunning image. Inspiring me to work hard and do better.
  13. Thanks Vlaiv for your advice, will give it a go with the sigma clip, can I ask what tool would you suggest instead of DSS then. thanks
  14. hello all, would appreciate your advice. as you can see in the attached images, the stacked image of 7 Ha subframes is full of elongated hot pixels but the sub frame does not have any of these. The subs were stacked in deep sky stacker with darks and flats. funnily enough, the rgb frames from the same session did not have this problem. cooled camera asi1600 mm exposed for 10 minutes. Thanks for your help. I read a recent post which was discussing a similar issue and they mentioned something to do with dithering{ I am not sure what it is though}
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