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  1. So this is what I'm getting at 32 seconds: (I'll not sure what the exposure should be like ideally) There's quite a lot of movement/distortion? away from the centre of the image - bottom left for example. There is also quite a bit of drift in the set of images. Thank you for your advice here.
  2. @Neil H - I'd have to borrow my wife's phone as my iphone compass is broken. I'll take a look - the standard PS Align app is great - even has my reticule stored. Will see how it goes tonight.
  3. @Neil H I have the free version of Polar Align - unfortunately my iPhone's compass system is dead jumps all over the place (not helpful) but I could use another phone! Observing and using the GOTO on the Synscan is good enough with even my slightly off polarscope. PE with Joe Wickes exercises are helping with the crouching needed!
  4. Thanks @carastro - yes, that would be great. I'm trying to enjoy this on a budget, so when my lack of knowledge ends up costing me, it's really frustrating!
  5. @carastro Hi - the camera (my iPhone) was fixed to the tripod legs to look down the polarscpoe - and this is what my eyes are seeing too. My problems may have started when I loosened certain bits of the new polarscope - there were parts of what I assume was a polarscope? already in the tripod, and that had me confused. I think what I really need (post lock down) is some time with some people who can take a look at my set up and advise. Is there a North Kent, SE London Astrophoto group that have meetups?
  6. @Neil H Can you see that swirling as I rotate the RA in my video - that's the bit I'm worried about (the camera was in a fixed positions) - the reticule target was a bit off at this point and it's better now.
  7. @ThomasF1234Hi - I levelled the scope, that didn't make a big difference, but the I did something spotted on another thread which is to add a grommet round the barrel of the polarscope. In my case I used plumbers PTFE jointing tape. I wrapped it round the top of the barrel and tried to get it snug in the tube of the EQ3 - assuming that's accurate. That seems to have made a difference. But I'm not sure it will be accurate enough to get me up to 1min or over exposures. I'll be happy with 45s. Being a novice, I seem to cause more damage than good due to lack of knowledge. Will
  8. Thanks @Cornelius Varley But I think the barrel itself is off alignment? - in the video clip the whole thing is swirling around. So I'm guessing either the mount in the tripod is off, or I've moved the barrel of scope in its housing. (During the move, I think the foot of the tripod slipped on my wooden floor.)
  9. I'm on an EQ3 and I have had trouble calibrating it. I'm trying to calibrate the reticule but .... It seems that barrel of the polarscope is off axis in the tube - it sort of moves the whole image around, as if you were swirling a pair of binoculars around. Maybe I can make a video. Is it time for me to buy a fresh one that I didn't meddle with? The outcome is that I can only shoot 20second images before the stars elongate. polar-align-problem.mp4
  10. @Sub Dwarf - more for photography. So yes, I do need accuracy - and that would be better if I hadn't unscrewed my polar scope by mistake!
  11. @Cornelius Varley that now makes perfect sense. If the tube is set too far back, it will hit the stand. Also - while I'm here... With a Synscan - how accurate do I need to be with my Polar Alignment? Does it need to be perfect on the etched ring for the time - or is there some leeway that the motor system will adjust for?
  12. my EQ5 mount with 750x150mm Skywatcher just started doing this. What's the OTA?
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