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  1. Harrison optics have them listed new for £135. Says stk due now (ish). Like the idea of a huge finder scope though.
  2. Apparently the unlock code works on 5 different things. Found one on eBay. I suspect there will be more coming up as people head out of lockdown. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264845687234
  3. Yeah watched I couple of videos which is what got me thinking. If you could align it properly there wouldn't be a need for the goto function and a huge saving to boot. I was looking at the 70 LT in particular as it appears that the plate solving bit is attached to the scope (not sure if that would make a differance) and it's the cheapest model.
  4. I've just been looking at goto skyliner 250px flex tube at almost a grand. Then I came across a celestron starsense explorer 70LT (£135 new) and wondered if I could somehow remove the clever phone part and attached it to a none goto 250 tube. Has anybody tried this? I've seen both secondhand and there's a fair saving over a new goto.
  5. Like it, much better than Mark one lung. Thanks
  6. I was looking a tycho last night and noticed a load of fluff or something in the FOV. On checking my eyepieces and diagonal there is loads of dust. I resisted the urge to give them a good blow and I decided attempting to get a shaving brush in wouldn't be a good plan. So my question is what are people using, there seems to be loads of brushes and potions on the market. I was considering getting a can of air but know these can leave residue. Does anyone have any recommendations.
  7. You could also consider adding a wedge to your setup. Zoom eyepieces could be something else to consider, I have just bought a Baader mk iv and really like it.
  8. The se's require power. They take batteries in the mount but reading reviews most people end up buying a power pack. Which are about another 60 quid or so and more stuff to lug about in the dark. I was recommend a 5 or 6 se by the local astronomy club. However if you can stretch your budget the evolution series of comes with it's own built in power pack and a sturdier mount. I found one in a sale and am very pleased with it so far. Just remember whatever you decided to do, make sure you've updated to the latest firmware.
  9. Bought a Evolution 6 a couple of months ago and was shocked at the cost of the Celestron carry case. Decided to look at hard luggage cases for photography and again ridiculous money. Eventually found a large toolbox made by Stanley at Screwfix, used the packing from original boxes the scope arrived in and it was about £40. Just wondering what solutions others have found. Also I seem to be adding eyepieces and filters to my collection, I'm not convinced my current solution of a lunch box is really up to the job.
  10. Without glasses, I actually find I don't need them through the telescope. Although the focus does need adjusting every time myself or the boy swap over. (Clearly, he isn't hard of seeing)
  11. Thank you taking the time to measure up, all very helpful stuff. Was out Saturday night and managed to drop my baader zoom, luckily just a bit of paint scratched off. Then skyportal went into meltdown and at one point actually put the scope upside down!! Anyway the zoom ep was good eye relief I found to be comfortable even on max zoom. But definitely think I need to upgrade my diagonal. Might just save for an extra month or so and go for a 2".
  12. Yep very helpful and you are right it does come loose especially after the kids hanging off it trying to spy on the hill walkers. Just had a quick look and id say ive got a couple of inches of clearance at the zenith, so maybe enough?
  13. thank you very helpful as always. It is a stock diagonal, I'm currently using an evolution 6. I have been looking at click lock diagonals, but not sure about 2" because of size and etc.
  14. Should I also be thinking about upgrading my star diagonal. Are there any decent ones for around £50-£100 or less would better.
  15. I saw that and was getting excited for the weekend. Was planning to drag my son off to the dales for some dark sky stuff. Haven't had chance to check today so hadnt seen it had changed. Looks like it could be another weekend hanging out the bedroom windows looking for a break in the clouds.
  16. Thanks everyone will have a look the suggestions over the weekend. Ive been so sick of the rubbish night-time weather I bought a solar filter. Since that arrived daytime weather has been pants too.
  17. I know just being optimistic, have found a CL caravan site in a dark sky area near home. Hoping to find an app that could go a couple of weeks a head. Last time we went to kelder it hoof it down all weekend.
  18. just wondering what weather apps people are using. I've got clear outside and BBC weather sre there any others? Are there any that go more than a couple of weeks? Bit of big ask with uk weather, but surly it can't stay cloudy forever!!
  19. Am fairly new to this too. I found that if I aimed the tube at somthing prominent on top of the hill, so it was easier to determine weather I was pointing at the sky or not. Especially if the focus was way out. Farm buildings or farm vehicles and try to centre it in my eyepeice. Then get your red dot finder on the same thing. It took quite a lot of effort as seemed that the screws were getting really tight. Don't be tempted to nudge into place. Its worth spending a bit of time getting it bang on. First time I did it it took a half hour to it right. Also remember that what ever feature you choose it needs to be a good few hundred metres away. Much much easier during the day.
  20. Ive just bought a Baader mk iv with a barlow. Itching to give it ago.
  21. Yep we got both. Started with the Philips one and bought the colins one a month or 2 later.
  22. We've got the Philips stargazing book, but we actually prefer the colins version. Same sort of thing we just find the layout easier to use.
  23. Hi, thankyou for the welcome. Been out again this afternoon and pleased to say it was a doddle to find. Just need to be a bit quicker programming my alignment stuff. It doesnt half motor across the sky! JOC thanks for the tips, am knocking up shield thing as both the boy and I almost melted under my hoody. Will probably try and add somthing to that to help. Looking forward tonight as fingers crossed it's looking clear.
  24. Hi, Really new to all this. Bought my son a travel scope a couple of years ago and it's safe to say we are both hooked. We decided to upgrade our equipment a little while ago. After some advice from this forum and our local astronomy club, we took the plunge on an evolution 6. It arrived early this month on the very day it got cloudy, and its pretty much stayed that way since. Frustrated I thought a solar filter might be fun. Big bright yellow thing how hard can it be? Well how wrong was I, it arrived yesterday. Could I find the sun? In a word no. Did i almost blind myself? Well after my genius idea of using the reflection on the front of the filter. Probably almost!! Annoyed and frustrated after all it's a huge, bright, yellow ball of fire, it shouldn't be that hard to find, right!! Decided to look for advice on forum last night and found some really good stuff about using the shadow of the telescope. Gave it a whirl today and after a good 45 minutes and just on the point where I was ready to use the filter as a frisbee. There it was, so have a good couple of hours this afternoon with the boy looking at the sun. One very happy boy and one chuffed Dad, thankyou.
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