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  1. Yes its still for sale and can be collected any time
  2. HI, i m selling a Celestron astromaster EQ 130 wirth motor drive scope as been played with a couple of times ,motor has not been used comes with all tripod and mount and finder scope, all in original box \plus instructions,but i cant find the CD that came with it body of scope has some marks where the straps have been moved. This was bought duiring lock down but i cant get on with this must be collected from DE21 £75 for the lot
  3. ASf ar as i know i dont have a Polar scope ,in fact i dont know what one is , have been trying ,but seems i would have to do it every day because i have to put telescope away in shed and get it out each time i want to use it
  4. Hello, can anyone give me some tips on setting polar alignment ,i seemed to have cocked it up just when i was starting to get balance and red dot sorted its Astromaster 130 eq. thankyou Keith
  5. Hello all, can someone point me to map of the sky , so i can download it thankyou Keith
  6. Morning all, i find the clutch locking handles to very awkward to tighten on my Astromaster 130EQ if you touch it while looking through eye piece it moves ,its hard to get a good hold of the Hanes,dont really think they are long enough to grip
  7. YES,thats what i should have said mirror supports ,we did get get Venus in to a tiny dot of light ,could not make out any features ,im really grateful to the members on here for the help but now im looking at scopes at my Age, wish i had started sooner , think daughter should bought me a GO TO one Keith
  8. Hello , im a total beginner ,getting excited now im looking at it now im in derby cant get pictures this first time ive got it to work ,had trouble with finder .when you take end cover off scope if you look into it you have the little held in place buy four thin brackets in a cross ,now i can see the planet, but its just very bright in eyepiece ,when i focus in i get the brackets in view Keith
  9. Astromaster EQ130 Hello all managed to get to get RDF on planet the bright one must get a book, but when i focus in on it i get the plastic cross bars of front mirror in Eyepiece ,help please Keith
  10. Hello Peter, It is confusing i dont have a clue what im doing have a quick start guide all in pictures ,,tells yopu how to put telescope together ,,tells you to put battery into finder, then says you are now ready to stat using your astromaster. but when you start reading the manual ,you realise you have to balance it and then it starts getting difficult, when this lockdown comes and we get back to normal,i will see if i can find a club to join. Keith
  11. Thankyou John IT might not be a good scope for a rank beginner ,and a chance remark to Daughter , but she said shop had sold over 1500 and if ya stuck inside dad its something to interest you thanks Sue
  12. Hello, Will try again tomorrow ,so you are saying i get what im looking for in the Eyepiece, then get the red dot on it . Keith
  13. Ive been looking at a you tube video ,when set his latitude he the rotated his scope so he could use his eyepiece,can i do that, or is some thing you dont do?? Keith
  14. Hello all sory to be a pain, Celestron astro 130eq i can get my RDF dot on the the target im viewing a house ,but cant see the red dot in my eyepiece help please Keith
  15. Too had samec questions aboutRDF, Scope is a celestron Astro 130EQ Has the telescope tube got be set up so rRDF is on top ,because after balancing scope if i point scope it puts finder on side thats if i have the balancing right
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