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  1. Well the CEM26EC Arrived today and loaded it up. Not tried using yet but linked to Asair Pro and seems to work fine.
  2. Well I've thought about it and it and thought about it... I've just pushed the button on the CEM26EC from FLO. Hope it meets expectations
  3. Thanks for the input I do run an ASI1600MM Cooled so that should be OK but agree is the additional 600-800 really worth it?
  4. I'm looking to purchase a new mount for my Williams Optics Z73 which I very much doubt I will change out for what I need. I'm really interested in the iOptron mounts but not too sure which one to go for. I have my mind set on the CEM40 but CEM26EC comes in at the same price and more portable if needed. Then on the off-set is for just the hobbyist astrophotography will the CEM26 do? You will see in my sig the equipment I'm running so any feedback or thoughts would be great.
  5. Looking for a good condition one if anyone has surplus
  6. Decided to re-list.. I have an as new EQM35 Pro mount purchased last March 2020 from RVO. This has been in my spare room and not been used other than for testing and setting up my kit. Item Located Nr Bishops Stortford Herts This is a collection ONLY! item please do not ask it to be sent. COVID Rules apply! This is for the mount only, but I do have and Lynx cable which I will chuck in with the deal. The mount new would be £679.00 + £40 lynx cable Total including lead £479 saving £240 Information Link FLO Review
  7. Thanks for your interest. I currently have a few very local people interested and someone first on the list for a delivery. If these fall through I'll keep you posted.
  8. Although there are some rules which SGL provide, perhaps if advertising you could put in your add. Please Note: Purchasers require to have been a member for min of 3 months. Min of 25 or so tickets/discussions Seller has right to choose whom the item is sold to. Just a thought.
  9. Currently looking for collection at present as I do have a few members interested if decided to post but of course will keep you in the loop if they drop out and you have not purchased another.
  10. Thanks but that's just pushing my budget a little to high. But thanks again.
  11. If anyone has a CEM40 for sale in excellent condition let me know.
  12. Does sound promising to go iOptron thank you
  13. Thanks for the feed back. I keep dropping back to the EQ6R due to having a SkyWatcher already. But the iOptrons appear to take a lot of weight and the GEM28 looks promising
  14. I currently have a Williams optics setup mounted on a SkyWatcher EQM35 Pro which although not fully run seems to work great with the Asair Pro. I'm looking to purchase a new mount and really torn between the SkyWatcher EQ 6R Pro or the iOptron CEM26 or GEM28. The mount choice is one but of course having the Asair Pro I want to make sure the iOptron can fully work as well. Keen to hear anyones thoughts on both mount and compatibility. Vin
  15. I have an as new condition Sky-Watcher EQM-35 PRO Go-To Modular Astronomy Mount which I purchased in March last year. This has been in my spare room, unused other than putting kit on and in excellent condition. Item is located Nr Bishops Stortford Herts. Please note: This is a collection only purchase (Please do not ask to have the item sent) Covid Rules Apply! These are £675.00 New Price £475:00 Price Drop £450.00
  16. I have the 73II and use the 73R excellent bit of kit! If you gong to use DSLR then a must.
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