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  1. tho getting a camera could be next year or end of this year, i wanna learn how to use and navigate the night sky before i start trying to learn another thing, i dont want to over whelm my self with to much stuff to learn at once
  2. visual at this moment and astro imaging later when i get a camera
  3. so whats the image with it like? is it worth getting even tho its really heavy and would it be good for a first timer?
  4. well if its that heavy i think i might need to pass on that one thats gutting, coz il be taking it from back garden to front garden and there is alot of stuff to dodge lol
  5. well this is something i have been thinking on for about 2 years, done a bit of looking up on stuff on and off used my fathers bird watching binoculars to look at the moon and other stars in the sky well bright dots lol, so you would recommend getting a potable telescope? do you have any in mind?
  6. wow thats a nice piece of kit and thats a big scope is it heavy and hard to set up ?
  7. i dont own any dslr camera at this time, i have been looking at cannon eos m200 and the cannon eos m50 mirrorless cameras, i have had a look for astro clubs near to me but i am unable to get to the closest one as its about 20 miles away and i dont drive so im pretty much gonna attempt to learn from the internet and just dive in. oh is it really heavy then? if it is my skinny arms will snap lol
  8. there are a few street lights that are LED and go off about 1 am and my garden can be pretty dark when i turn the house lights off, portable would be preferable please but i dont mind if its a big tube il make it portable lol
  9. Hi all i am wondering if there is someone or a few people that can help me with choosing the right and my first telescope any help would be great full thank you. i intend to use it to look at deep sky objects like nebulas other solar systems if thats even possible and anything else out side of our solar system, i also wish to view objects, planets and moons in our solar system, i do wish to do some astrophotography in the future so if i can get a telescope that is brilliant at viewing and for photography that would be awesome i have a budget of around £1500 the telesco
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