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  1. Thanks guys. I'll look out for an EQ6 then. No point in getting something on the limit of it's use as I'll only be wishing I'd spent the extra on the larger one.
  2. I've got a Skyliner 250PX dobsonian and I'm looking to get an EQ GOTO mount for it. Anyone know or have any advice on which mounts I can use safely with this 10" lightbucket? I'm looking at the Celestron CG5-GT second hand or the Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro secondhand. There are ones for sale on here but I want to make sure they are both up to the job as the Celestron one is cheaper! Also I guess I'll need mounting rings but anything else to convert it? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. I have an Ethos 13mm and a Nirvana 28mm which are both 2" EPs and I use them most of the time. I've just purchased a 7mm WO UWAN which is a 1.25" EP and wondered if it's possible to buy an adaptor to make it fit a 2" focuser. It's a pain switching the 2" and 1.25" focuser parts all the time and it would be much easier to slot my new EP into the 2" hole! Is it possible and anyone know what I would need?
  4. Thanks for the input guys. The Skywatcher Crayford says it is an exact fit for 9" to 15" tubes. Is that not the case with mine being a 10" Skywatcher - Dual-Speed 2” Low Profile Crayford Focuser for Skywatcher & Celestron Newtonian Telescopes
  5. Hi guys, I'm just looking for a little advise on the Crayford focuser. I've got a 250PX Dob and when my wife and I observe together, having slightly different eyesight we're constantly twiddling the focuser and sometime nudging the object out of view! Can someone explain to me the Crayfor focuser benefits? As I understand it you have two speeds of focus allowing finer tuning. Is that all or are there any other benefits? Are there different makes and if so which are the best for my scope?
  6. I've got the celestron zoom 8-24mm and when I started out I used it all the time. It's great for learning as you can view the sky on 24mm and when you find what you want you can just zoom in and refocus without the kaffuffle of switching EPs. It has good eye releif but the quality of the EP is not as good as using individual ones in my opinion. The FOV although stated at 40-60 degrees I think is normally more like 40-50 for most magnifications so normal Plossl type and the image quality does degrade a little when you zoom in which you would expect. Judging by your equipment list your far from a beginner and that's what I'd really reccomend them for, if you want to get used to what you can see with various magnifications I think they are great. You can't beat the for value though and as a beginner I used mine pretty much all the time until I discovered Televue and wide angle EPs. I'd rather wait and save up towards higher quality EPs and have fewer of them with a good barlow myself but I'm no expert!
  7. Yes I think barlowing one of these could end up costing a lot of money if you drop it! I think the Nagler is worth the money and safer to handle for my cold clammy fingers at midnight!
  8. Wow those extra 18 degrees really make a difference in size! I guess size does matter after all I think I'll go for the Nagler and as soon as an extra £250 or so presents itself to me I'll sell the Nagler and get the Ethos. I'd like to have everything on 2" to save messing about with EP connectors when I want to use the Nagler which is the only drawback.
  9. Yes I think I am becoming a Televue junkie. Only had it a couple of nights and can't see how I ever enjoyed astronomy before without it! Thanks for all your advice and by all your comments so far I think the Nagler is my way forward initially until I have the cash for an Ethos. I think as I have a DOB without weights the heavy EP and barlow combination might be a little awkward initially. Off to search for a secondhand Nagler for a day or two before I get impatient and buy a new one!
  10. I've recently got a 13mm Ethos and would like a high power EP to compliment it. I'm considering getting the Televue Powermate 2X 2" to effectively give me a 6.5mm Ethos. Does anyone reccomend this or would I be better spending my £200 on a 7mm Nagler for similar money? I'm after the best quality image for my money and my concern is that barlowing the Ethos will reduce quality although the blurb on the Powermate says it won't affect quality. Also would be nice not to have to switch between 2" and 1.25" which I'd have to keep doing with the Nager. Anyone have experience with doing this or advice?
  11. My new Ethos 13mm arrived yesterday and thankfully last night was very clear so got my first change to use it. It really is a cut above anything else I've ever used and takes the whole experience of Astronomy to a new level. I saw Saturn in a new light last night and even with my cheap £30 barlow attached to the Ethos the quality of the image and eye relief were fantastic. If anyone is in two minds whether to get an Ethos just jump in. It's worth every penny and more. I didn't get any other EP out last night as I don't think I could step back to a narrow FOV now. I'm off to get a teleview powermate now and some more Ethos EPs or at least Naglers as nothing less than 82deg FOV will satisfy me now!........when the bank balance tops up a little that is!
  12. OK I just found a 13mm Ethos on Ebay for £300 and have snapped that up. Now for my low powered EP to compliment it......... Still stuck between the following: 28mm UWAN or Nirvana 24mm Panoptic 22mm Nagler Help me buy one of these please or I'll go mad for the next week!
  13. So it's not possible to barlow the 2" EPs then? That throws a bit of a spanner in the works as I wanted to use the Powermate to effectively double my EP count. :-( I think in that case then the 24mm Panoptic with either the 13mm Nagler or Ethos depending on price is the way forward initially. I can then barlow both and get a bigger nagler later if I want or think I need one.
  14. Thanks for all the advice. I thought that although the 2.5X Powermate is a 1.25 fitting I can just put a 2" to 1.25" adaptor on my EP and slot it in the Powermate. Is this not the case?
  15. I recently purchased a Skyliner 10" dob thanks to all the help and advice I received from you guys on here. My next dilemma now is I'm going to buy some good quality EPs. I really only want to have 2 EPs in my collection (mainly due to price) initially and I'm going to get a Powermate 2.5X to double the possible magnifications. On my shopping list of possibles are the following (prices are approx for new although I might get secondhand if I can find them): 68deg EPs 35mm Televue Panoptic 24mm eye releif= £295 24mm Televue Panoptic 15mm eye releif = £245 82deg EPs 13mm Televue Nagler 12mm eye releif = £245 22mm Televue Nagler 19mm eye releif = £340 26mm Televue Nagler 16mm eye releif = £460 16mm WO UWAN 12mm eye relief = £166 28mm WO UWAN 18mm eye relief = £295 I've read loads on them and most people seem to thinkg the WO UWANS are every bit as good as Naglers but cheaper so one of them would probably be on my list but which ones to get the best range of magnifications?!?!?!? From this list which two would you guys recommend for both planetary and DSO observing bearing in mind I'll have a Powermate 2.5X Barlow for them? ***ALSO*** Just read the Skywatcher Nirvanas and the WO UWANS are the same EP just rebranded. The Nirvanas are about £50 cheaper so I guess the S/W version rather than the WO one?!?!?
  16. I didn't have any trouble carrying it fully assembled from my garage to patio which is only about 15 yards. I can see it might be a problem if you wanted to carry it to a dark site in the middle of a field though. If anyone is in two minds whether it's worth upgunning to a dob from a starter scope like I have just do it. You'll not look back. Next job is getting a wide angle eyepiece so I can see more of these lovely bright clusters. Any advice on that?
  17. Thanks for all your advice guys. Yesterday my shiny new 10" Skyliner arrived and I used it lasdt night. WOW! Everything was so bright and clear compared to my 5" and I saw Saturn in a new light. Literally almost so brightly I reached for my shades! SO now should I go for a 16" or 20"
  18. Thanks Insomnia. I think that's made my mind up. I hadn't thought about the "what if" scenario and I think going for the 10" will give me everything I need. Just the nudge I needed! :-)
  19. I think a 12" would be a little big and I've only got £450 really. I just wondered whether that 2" makes a lot of difference. I'll be getting a huge difference from my 5" 650 by moving up anyway.
  20. I currently have an Explorer 130 and am going to upgrade my scope. I like the idea of a Dob as it will sit in my garage and just get moved into the garden when needed and I've settles on the Skywatcher Skyliner range. I'm not going for the flexitube range as I don't need the portability and they are more expensive. So my question is which size should I go for with my £450 budget? The Skyliner 200p or the 250PX? Should I get an 8" and a really nice wide eyepiece or will I get much more for the extra £140ish with the 10" over the 8"? Any help much appreciated.
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