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  1. Ive never tried the equatorial alignment cause I don't have a wedge I've always used the skyalign method but I guess I'll give that a try. Also I own a Canon EOS T7 rebel. I don't ever use the lens though I have an adapter that connects to the eyepiece slot.
  2. So I've had the same setup for the last 3 years: a DSLR camera with a nexstar 6se. I've started to become really interested in the photography aspect more than actually seeing through the eyepiece. My telescope isn't very accurate when tracking over time even when aligned. So I see a lot people using tracking mounts that arent integrated into the telescope itself and I'm just wondering is that the way to go? Also wondering would using a deep sky camera would be better than my DSLR?
  3. So I gave that a try and while it did stack the pictures the result was not very likeable I'll try to share my data files. There's over a hundred light files though the 7 were just a test.
  4. Im not exactly new to astrophotography but I am definitely new to stacking images. I first tried deep sky stacker because it seems it's what everyone uses. Almost every time I've tried stacking it only wants to stack 1 image cause of a star detection error. I made the detection threshold so it would detect the most amount of stars and it doesn't help. I read other posts and thought it was a focusing error on the stars so I made sure to focus the image as much as possible and the error still pops up. The Orion nebula picture is one of a data set where I tried to stack and the error came up but the stars are very clearly visible. Any suggestions?
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