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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you everyone for helping me, i learn a lot of things from you guys, and convincing me that i must use dslr (which is right) for quality pictures that i will produce in the future (i hope so hehe) I search about William Optics Zenithstar 81 APO and i found out its so nice, and i like it. I will definitely pair it Celestron Advanced VX mount but for now I'am reading the book welcome to the universe by neil tyson to gain more knowledge about the universe
  2. Okay thank you so much for enlighten me, i forgot to put that like the deep sky stuff, i want to learn about it. Hehe, im thinking about the budget range as of now. Is celeston 5se is a good choice?
  3. Hi good day. Im planning to buy equipments for astrophotography by using my phone by the end of the year, Can somebody advice me what telescope should i use? Should i also buy 5x barlow lens?
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