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  1. Ah...….. thanks everyone for the reply.....mimasdeathstar was spot on ……. I had the scope the wrong way round!!!!! now I feel REALLY silly! I think my dad is now turning faster in his grave than a pulsar thanks everybody
  2. Hi, I'm really new and stupid so please be gentle with me...….. and accept I'm about to ask a really dumb question..... My other half bought me a telescope for my birthday (good girl I hear you mutter) - which came as a surprise, so I've got caught unawares! I'm struggling with the set up of the findascope….. I get the whole idea of pointing at something you can see and twiddling the adjustment knobs until its centered on the same thing you can see throughthe eyepiece but my problem is seeing the red dot . I should say, I can see the led is lit, and I can see that led
  3. Hi, I notice a lot of people seem to post a 'hello I've just joined'.... so I'm just following the herd.... My Fiance bought me a telescope as a surprised gift for my birthday - so I'm going to be asking lots of 'how the h*ll do i' questions. There's a sort of double back story how I ended up with the telescope. Firstly, my (now deceased) father was big into astonomy and anything physics. He used to gringhis own telescope mirrors - he made a 12 inch (I think) mirror when I was about 10 , upgrading from his previous six inch (again home made) and rans astronomy club at the
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