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  1. Adoo Merlin I have just bought A StarGuider 1.25 8mm yesterday, can't wait for its arrival' have read a bit about these eyepeices and they appear to have good reviews,i was going to buy the 5mm one ,but in the end opted for the 8mm,as it has a 60 degree fov (I THINK), appologies if i am wrong.
  2. Yes i agree with john, think you have a nice selection of eyepices to be getting on with there. I have a SkyWatcher Heritage 130p with the standard 2 eyepieces 25m & 10mm, so i just bought a variable moon filter and a 2x barlow.I will be getting a better telescope later down the line,probably a 200mm or 250mm dob ,but after a bit more learning ,although i am considering getting either a 8mm or 5mm starguider in the near future.
  3. hi socram i have just bought one of First Light Optics,thats where i bought my Barlow Lens and a Variable Moon Filter,they seem quite good and i am happy with them,i reakon you can buy better but as just starting out they are ok. if you go to the top of the page you will see FLO just click on it and you will be taken there. Hope this helps. Be glad when we can get out mate i only got so much to see from the back garden, starting to get a bit frustrated now.there is a club down the road from me so can't wait to get along there. regards tony
  4. adoo socram Just seen your post, i to am new to this hobby ,and got the same scope as you (SkyWatcher Heritage 130P), it seems like a good scope of what i have read and seen on youtube,and will have to go with that,cus i dont have the knowledge on scopes.I thought i would start at the begining rather that go mad with a expensive scope, to start and learn a bit about the sky at night,but am waiting to go to a club by me WHEN it gets going again,due to this corono thing goin about. Regarding the scope a couple of the screws on the back of the scope were loose so i just tightened them up,i ave aligned the red dot finder with a target,using the 25 super wide lens and changing to the 10mm it sees to be just slightly off centre but will live with that till i can get out to a club for a more profesional look. I look at venus a lot as my back garden face's West, i doe get no fuzziness looking at it although it does seem a bit better with my 10mm lens Regarding moving the scope around ,i (just use it like you) put my hand on the back of the scope,doe know if its right or wrong, but everything seems to be ok at the moment with it,and nothing appears to be shaking when moving it back in the house after i have finished I have bought a couple of extras for it though , A 2X Barlow Lens along with a Variable Moon Filtrer,and a Cell Phone Holder of EBay for around £8 (i aint tried it yet) but i dont think at this moment in time i don't want to shell out £30-40 on a phone holder,untill i am ok with some of the basics of this hobby, even though a more expensive holder would probably be better and easier to use. And yes i reakon they are satellites moving fast in your FOV ,think i am right in saying you can see them using stellarium if you fast forward the time. I am sure someone else will come along with better advice about your post (hope so cus i want to know aswell) Hope This helps ,and you aye alone mate being new to this hobby. regards tony
  5. Hello Hope this is'nt a daft question so here goes Having just started out on this new adventure ,i was wondering how how do you Do your viewing, IE (Do You Stay Up All Night ),OR ,(Early Part Of The Evening,)OR,( Early Morning),or do you go may be go ,Once,Twice ,maybe Three times a week. ALSO do you try and plan what you want to view OR do you just go with whatever is up there at the time of your viewing. I ask this as i am finding it difficult not with the viewing,but with the times i want to do it. Regards
  6. I have just got one of them cheap cell phone holders off the bay,got it set up ready so just put my phone in the holder ,then holder onto the lens,the lens in the holder of the scope. I get the same type of tube image looking on the phone screen ,So what i'm thinking of doing IS to 2x zoom so i can't see the tube, set the shutter to 3sec delay and try that, i aye to bothered if it don't work as its trial and error,and like someone said here croping is a good friend . I dont know much about photography anyway (come to that i doe know much about anything)
  7. Hi All So just my new scope a couple of days age, very impressed, however i have come across some Lens's on a well known auction site, called (as in the post title) StarGuider Lens's as i was thinking of making a few purchase's,but before i make a decision ,thought i would ask if anyone has come across this brand and if so your thoughts on them please. Thank you
  8. Ok thank you that was the answere i was looking for Regards
  9. Hi all Hope this post is in the right section. After much deliberation i have decided to opt for the SkyWatcher Heratige 130p telescope,as i am a complete begginer ,and don't know anything about this hobby. As this telescope comes with the standard 10-25mm lens's,would it be worthwhile buying the Revelation ND96 Premium Moon Filter 1.25 along with a astro essential 1.25 barlow lens while i am in the spending mood,or are there better barlow len's and moon filters about. Any help would be appreciated Thank You
  10. Yes i can only agree with the other posts excellent forum with knowledgable members and very friendly
  11. WOW They are superb looking forward to see some images of their capability's
  12. I use these at the moment Bushnell 8x40 better than the naked eye, these will do for a bit ,only used them for spotting the ISS,but after turned em onto a few stars and the moon then i got hooked
  13. Anyone took pic's with a P20 Pro ???
  14. WOW thats a cool photo scoot i like it
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