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  1. I was just thinking there are some things that don't fit into the view of my nexstar which is why I bought the evostar. Like m31 for example. So I'm wondering whether the new evostar will still take the same time to capture the data as the aperture is smaller but the focal ratio is higher? But I'll get the whole object not just the centre, that's the plan anyway.
  2. Background info: I have 2 scopes a nexstar 6se (150mm aperture and 1500mm focal length - f10) and a evostar 72ed (72mm aperture, 420mm focal length - f5.8). I haven't had chance to use the evostar yet thanks to the clouds. Question: Does the f5.8 mean I'm going to be able to reduce my exposure time or is it cancelled out by the fact the aperture is so much smaller?
  3. So the AVX is like the new version of the cg5? Are there any other mounts that people can recommend. If I'm looking somewhere between £500 & £1000 I want to make sure I'm getting the best I can for the money.
  4. I have a nexstar 6se and I love it. I've only had it about a year and it's my first proper telescope. Every opportunity I'm out in the garden both looking through it and attaching my dslr to the back for fainter objects. I'm noticing I'm getting movement in the longer exposure photos and after a bit of googling I think it's the mount. So I'm looking to upgrade. I'm thinking something a little future proof but I'm not made of money so decent, reliable, cheaper end but good enough for astrophotography and with the possibility I might continue to add bits and pieces. What do I need and how much am I looking? Help thanks in advance.
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