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  1. Yeah I think where I’m getting confused is the cross hairs don’t come into it when I’m aligning the focuser and secondary do they? I’m just trying to get the secondary into the middle of focuser and using the middle screw so the secondary looks circular is it? And then to align the secondary to primary using the 3 outer screws on secondary.. And then finally use the primary screws to aline primary. I was aligning the focuser and secondary with collimation cap, and then putting in the Cheshire with cross hair and expecting that to be in the center.
  2. Hi All, My secondary mirror got knocked out of line on my sky watcher heritage 130p and i'm trying to realign it but not having much joy. I have a collimation cap and and a chesire long tube. Below i have two pics, on the right is how it looks through the collimation cap and left is how it looks looking through the cheshire. for the collimation cap it is my understanding for the secondary to be in line that thick outter black line should be an even circle am I right in thinking that? and for when looking through the chesire long tube the cross hair should be go
  3. @John thank you, I will get that one. Would it be worth my while getting the ES eyepiece also as I’ll have enough for that left over if I get the filter or would I notice much difference between that and my vixen npl 30mm and stock 25mm.. or is there any other filters that I should get along with the uhc. Live in an urban area with street lights but have a few dark spots in the garden and also have realised I actually apparently have a good enough dark sky area about 30 mins drive away which is handy.. I can also always bank the leftover money as well and put it towards something e
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions. @Philip R its my first scope so not sure what I prefer yet, I do like the idea of having all the individual focal lengths but also like the option of just needing to grab one eyepiece say if I was going camping the zoom eyepiece would come in handy. Saw the Televue, would be a nice investment, I'll probably hold off until I upgrade the scope before going for one of those. Yeah I was looking at the shrouds, I was trying to find a shoe of foam big enough but nothing in the shops by me when I checked I might just order it online and
  5. I have 200 to spend on an eyepiece for my Sky watcher heritage 130p. I already have BST star guiders 8mm, 12mm, 18mm and Vixen NPL 30mm, and baader Q 2.25 Barlow. I was thinking of maybe either getting the Baader zoom seen a few people talking about it on here or the Explore Scientific 62 26 mm was another eye piece recommended. Is it worth getting the Zoom if I already have the above eyepieces or would I better of getting the ES? Or is there any other eyepieces anyone would suggest, I've also seen people mention UHC filters recently are these worth investing in
  6. The skies where a dud here last night and it’s looking the same for the rest of the week. Looks to be some sunny spells next weekend so fingers crossed there’s a clear sky and I’ll get chance to have a go at this.
  7. Brilliant thanks pixies ill try get some of that tomorrow in. hardware shop.. that's a really good video, might have to start on a light shroud next. Does the collimation look ok to you? ill probably be able to get a more accurate idea once I have the tape on as well
  8. Looking like partly cloudy skies here tonight going by the forecast. So might give this a go tonight if there's some clear sky..
  9. Just another question in addition to the above on how the collimation looks. When using the chesire I noticed the movement in the focuser that was mentioned earlier in the post. So I just get white tape and tape that around the thread below the hexagon part o the focuser and just screw it back in? Does the tape not shed bits into the telescope when focusing in and out from tearing with the threads?
  10. Ok me again .. i got a Cheshire collimator and have the below results now I think is looks ok but. Primary looks ok to me , I can’t see the secondary clips but am I correct in saying I shouldn’t be seeing the secondary clips when using the Cheshire??
  11. Sorry for the delay in responding was away the last few days and had no service where I was. It’s this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0192PLKSO?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  12. Cool thanks I’ll order a new one and hold off doing anything to it until I get it. I think it’s meant to be a bit clear tonight so I’ll try a stat test to see how it looks..
  13. Ok, I’ll try this am I best waiting until night time and looking at the moon or something and seen when it’s at best focus and adjust from there. Would different objects come into focus at different points? i noticed when I take out the collimating. cap and turn it and put it back in the the collimation is off so it could be an issue with the cap as well .
  14. Yeah it when I turn the focuser it moves a bit it’s doesn’t go completely out. It might go out to the edge of the circle and back in again each full rotation.
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