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  1. Hi, i just bought a skywatcher mak 127, when arrived i only realise i bought the OTA without mount. so i ordered az gti mount, because of covid 19 lockdown in my country they can only deliver after the lockdown period. my question is can i use mak 127 on a camera tripod temporarily? i had this https://www.samurai-...samurai-pro-888. it show can support 5kg max.
  2. Skywatcher skymax 90mm mak or Skywatcher evostar 90mm. which one is better for planetary?
  3. Hi,currently owned 70mm refractor, want to upgrade and many suggested me to get 6" dobsonian. The only 6" dob i can find in my country is GSO 150mm/1200mm dob (https://www.opticaluniversescientificinstrument.com/products/gso-6-dobsonian-telescope), is this brand and specs ok? My main targets is planet and moon, maybe some star, i wonder is it hard to imaging planets? ill be using ccd eyepiece connected to laptop. I live in malaysia city area, very less likely i will bring the scope to darker area because its pretty far from my home,and the scope quite big, so its dobsonian suit
  4. Why there's black line around in my view 20mm eyepiece? Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ
  5. i tend to do some imaging, is the dobsonian mount hard to do imaging?
  6. thats mean i just need to just shorter focal length eyepiece for 130p to achieve same magnification of 90mm?
  7. budget is around 300, ill only use the telescope in city. im from Singapore
  8. is the 130p can provide higher magnification than the 90mm? the 130p has 650mm focal length while 90mm has 900mm focal length.
  9. Hi, want to get a new telescope, SkyWatcher Evostar 90 EQ2 or SkyWatcher heritage 130p? i saw many suggested refractor is good for planets, i mostly target planets, moon and some star only, live in city. need some advice. thanks.
  10. i quite worry, because my frend uses a EP from other telescope and the focuser could not focus the object.
  11. i just contact the manufacturer, they told me this eyepiece camera is equivalent to 4mm EP
  12. Hi, my current telescope is Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ, thinking upgrade to skywatcher heritage 130P(came with 25mm ajd 10mm EP) , if i do, can i use the eyepiece (4mm) and x3 barlow from my old celestron on the 130P? One more question, i ordered a eyepiece camera Svbony SV105, i wonder what is magnification of this camera and how it work to change magnification.
  13. Hi, i have a Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ, when i look at the saturn or jupiter (low or high magnification) the picture is clear if the object is at middle of my viewing but blurry and color mismatch if the object is at left side of the viewing.
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