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  1. @Nicola Hannah Butterfield & @maw lod qan Thank you so much for your kind help! And yes, I will enjoy this incredible hobby Last night was my first time with a telescope, skies weren't so clear but I saw Venus and it made me so happy! Hope to someday picture it, even though it looked just like a bright ball.
  2. Hello! I have a question on how can I mount my camera to my Sky-Watcher Starquest 130P telescope? I’ve watched so many videos about it and there’s so many different answers on what I need to do that. At the moment, I have 2x Barlow lens and a DSLR. I know that a T-ring is also necessary but is there anything more? Any help is highly appreciated, thanks! (I’m really new to telescopes and astrophotography in general so I hope I don’t say anything dumb)
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