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  1. Hiya, I was out the other night with my telescope and looking at saturn, had alot of problem with the wind every time i would look through the eyepece the wind would pick up and the image would be shaking all over the place untill it stopped, has anybody got any ideas or sollution that could stop this. Thanks Nicholas
  2. Hiya All. Last night on the 16/04/10 I was just sitting there bored out my head, so I decided at 11:30 to go out side with my binos, planisphere and compass and see what happens from there. So im out there freezing cold looking at stars trying to find constallation, and then out of know where I spot a nice bright star, so I get my binos and start looking around (So amazing how more stars apear), Was so fasinated by this star I got my macbook out side and opened up Stellarium, got my compass out and found that the star was coming from directly the south, and on there just in that same spot on S
  3. Hiya all, Just brought a planisphere that was mentioned to me and dont really know what to do, can set the time with the date but thats about it. If anyone could help that would be great thanks. Nick
  4. Hiya, Welcome to SGL, I am a beginner as well had my telescope but brought it in the winter so did not really use it, now the summer is coming I decided to get it back out, after setting it up and not really knowing what to do, I decided to join this forum, it has helped me allot and know I have learned some new things I can start looking around the sky, this forum will provide you with alot of help so just ask around. These are a couple of things that I got to help me: - Binoculars (10x50) - Star wheel (Planisphere) - Compass (so I can find which way is north) - Computer Software called Stel
  5. Hiya Ive got the program on my mac now thanks, but got a bit of a problem, when i choose United Kindom and then look for my area, it only goes up to so far and does not show my area, I have tried inputting my longitude and latitude but I cant get anything to work, do you have any ideas.
  6. Welcome to SGL, I am a newcomer myself and SGL has been allot of help to me, still learning and finding out new things. Hope you like the site. Nick
  7. Hiya As you mentioned about the software Cartes du Ciel, is that program compatible with a MAC (Macintosh computer).
  8. Hiya all, just wanted to know all your thoughts on these two theories, any extra information that is relevant and how you see the earth. The Theory of Relativity Isaac Newton Newton discovered his law of gravity more than 300 years ago this was called the universal law of gravitation. Newton then came up with his theory of general relativity, he believed that all the planets in the solar system where connected by the sun by a force of gravity, the suns gravity, he believed that the reason why earth was orbiting the sun was because that the suns gravity was pulling it in and that the earth was
  9. Hiya pvaz Thanks for the help, Ill get on with getting one of them star wheels and try what you said about finding the constellations, hope I can get better at this soon, would love to start looking with my telescope properly. I see that you mentioned a book called "Turn left on orion", I have that book as and electronic book (pdf) so ill have a look through that too see if it can help me. Thanks for the help From Nick
  10. Hiya all As some of you mentioned about constellations and star hopping, that sounds like a really good start, but I really dont know anything about this sort of thing, only just started and started looking into it, have used my telescope a couple of times, but only looked at the moon as it is very visible, going on from here I would not have a clue, was looking at the software stellarium to show me the locations of planets and what can be seen on the what day I am setting up. Going on from there and setting the telescope to any planets or stars but the moon and dont know how to do. If there
  11. Hello Thanks for the post, ill get on with looking at the manual see where i can go from there, thanks for the help Nick
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