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  1. I am sure the power supply is more than enough for the mount, question is if this resonance sound is a reason to worry or not, at the end of the day the mount is still within the cool down period.
  2. I am, using the hand controller to illustrate the weird sound at stop/start of slewing.
  3. Any EQ6R Pro users out there that can let me know if I should be worried about the grinding noises my mount has at start and end of slewing? Mount is only a couple of weeks old, it's been like this from when I got it, the sound doesn't change even when loaded. For power I use a Nevada PS-08 6-8A Regulated Linear Power Supply(13.8V). Many thanks. IMG_2194.MOV
  4. Ohhh so the orientation of the wheel doest really matter as long as the filters face the right way, is that correct? Many thnaks
  5. Hi, sorry not sale related but according to ZWO's manual the camera should go on the opposite side to where you have the sticker. I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
  6. I'd be interested in the Z61 and flat61 and you're willing to split
  7. Just a quick update and to express my gratitude to everyone that contributed with comments. I’ve done another test today, this time at -15 degrees and left the camera in the garage(a lot cooler than any room in the house) connected to a AsiAir pro so I can keep an eye on the temperature. Overall very successful the temperature stayed super steady throughout the 3.5 hours of shooting darks.
  8. I'm using mine with a iPad mini first gen - I believe it's got 512mb of RAM and it works ok but nothing spectacular - sky safari is rather slow and I've not tried the live stacking function.
  9. Thanks for this, I've not had a chance to do my own tests, I started from a value that was popular with other users. I think you are spot on, I wasn't aware of the 35-40 margin, I don't know the exact ambient temperature but I think it was close to 23-24. The temperature is supposed to drop a little in the next couple of days, I will try again then. Can you please share some tips on how to build a dark library outside imaging sessions?
  10. Just wondering if this is normal or not, I recently purchased a asi 1600mm pro and while I didn’t have a chance to use it for proper imaging I though I could just build my darks and bias library. I’ve started with -20 degrees setting and noticed a temperature fluctuation of -2.5 degrees in a 2.5 session while taking darks. Can someone also let me know if I can use these files that have been shot at 17.5 degrees to combine with future lights at -20? Many thanks
  11. As per title I am looking for a reducer for my EdgeHD 800
  12. Any Celestron EdgeHD 8 owners that can share some plate solving experience? I’ve done a test run on mine and the ASIAIR Pro continually fails to plate solve. I’m not using a reducer and for guiding I use the Celestron OAG and the asi 290 Mini. I’ve tried everything, it just looks that the fov of the edge(0.5) is way too close to the 0.2 limit of the ASIAIR pro. I was just wondering if Sharpcap or SGP are worth looking into.
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