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  1. Cheers for the comments. Not sure I'll get many more images the weather has turned a bit nasty
  2. Hey everyone, I have been taking quite a few images but haven't posted any in a while. These are my latest shots. Saturn was very low and a bit dim to get a good capture. Anyway I always update my site so take a look at www.backyard.8m.net Been having a bit of problem with a leaking observatory but I hope I have now fixed it. Cyah all later. Chris
  3. Been a couple of weeks since I have taken a few images. Always wanted to image this object and i'm happy how it turned out. ISO800 1h 12mins (3min subs), 40 darks, 10 Lights
  4. I cant see NGC7000 through my 80ED but a short exposure does bring out a small bit of nebula so thats how i frame it. Dont use any filters, btw thanks everyone!!
  5. Actually its not really that dark. I can see the milkyway thought, so may be it is ok.
  6. Three nights a clear skies in a row Managed quite a few new images. All taken with an unmodded 350D between 1-2 hours (subs of 3-5mins) at ISO 400 or 800. NGC7000 The Crescent Nebula M92 with some faint galaxies NGC7380 - So many stars in this image!!! I was suppose to be taking a photo of the Iris Nebula but I think the Synscan has the incorrect object. Very faint and really need a modded cam to gather more data. It was a great few nights and next time I'm gonna try for the Iris Nebula.
  7. Ok managed to test this today on the Sun. First image is at prime focus on the Orion 80ED and second image is with the 2 x barlow and star diagonal (1.25 fitting btw). Worked very well and even seemed very sturdy. Flat, like always would need to be taken, to remove dust bunnies.
  8. A while back I tried an experiment with my 350D and a normal barlow lens. Placed it on the star diagonal with the Orion 80ED and managed to capture some close up shots of M29. It seemed to work well but need to try it out again and see if tracking will work. Here is a link to the image - http://backyard.8m.net/website/deepspace_files/Starclusters/m29.html What do you think? Anyone giving this a try?
  9. Another excellent image! Good focus, as you have a lot of detail
  10. Thanks for the comments everyone. I did try and get out the other night again, but got clouded out, at least it didnt take me an hour and a half to set up just to have to pack up again.
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