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  1. Ah,ok. And how does one go about becoming a mod? if you can that is! i would really like to become more involved in the website.
  2. Very lovely image! captured a great deal of detail on the arms!!
  3. Hey all, how can you change your name, in my case "Cyroflame" to colour text?
  4. Very nice detail there! looks awesome!
  5. cyroflame

    Hello from Fife

    Hi ryan, Welcome to SGL lots of great advice on offer here!
  6. Hey everyone, I was just wondering, can any one tell me exactly how the Suptarak auto system works on the SW explorer 130p, i know on motorised EQ mounts it turns the axis to allow for the earths angle and view of the sky, however on the supatrak there is no eq part, only altazmuth, so how exactly does it track objects accurately? any advice would be muchly appreciated!! mike
  7. Hello again!went out again last night for a few hours and managed to spot alot of new constellations! i also managed to see my first ever star cluster! it was incredible! i'm not sure what it was though, it was just below sirius, i think it was in canis major? would that make sense?
  8. Hey guys, just went onto a website that was recommended for me by another member, it gives you a rough estimate of what objects will look like through your selected telescope and eyepiece (http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm) However the planets appear to be very small! can someone please show me what Saturn and Jupiter might actually look like through a scope with magnification of up x130? many thanks mike.
  9. you know what...........i have really not thought this through! lol! maybe i will just do some widefield astrophotography with the camera i have for it! as for the filters at least they will wok! i can just hold them infront of eyepiece!
  10. Hey guys, Have just come across some old camera SLR stuff i have, lenses, filters etc. Among these lenses i have found a fish eye lens! usually used to create a more apparent wide field of view i am going to (optimum word) "Try" and turn this into a lens that i can use with my telescope (When i get it that is) I have no idea if it will work, but let's try! i went out last night and held the lens in front of a pair of bino's and it actually gave me a relatively clear image! zoomed in but still wide field!, lets hope it is same with telescope! Also like i said i have found some of my old Skylight filters, usually used to block out uv light, they really helped me when i was taking pics of the sky in light polluted area, so will try and "Adapt" these as well! Am i crazy?...
  11. wow! those are really nice images! very sharp and clear! what mag is that?
  12. Thanks i don't know why Venus wasn't reflected in the river though, maybe to faint, and also the boat could be blocking lol. thank you for comment! Any more
  13. Hey guys, about two days ago i was walking home bout half 7/8 o'clock and spotted a rather large, what i thought was a star! luckily had my camera with me, so spend some time messing around with comp, and got this shot! i know its Venus, but would that be Mercury behind? What you think?
  14. Sorry meant to say m42 i have stellarium it is great!! thanks for comment! i also got to see Venus and mercury couple days ago at sunset! was amazing!i will try and upload picture i took!
  15. Hey guys, went out a couple of nights ago and done my first session of observing with my Bino's. I will not get my scope till end of month so am trying to get myself used to the skies around me at the moment so when my scope finally comes i will be away! They are a pair of 8x30's, not that high a mag, but still allowed me to make out quite a few constellations with little trouble. First was orion, and i easily recognized the belt, Betelgeuse and Rigel. I look down from the belt and saw that Faint "Fuzzy" (M41) cannot wait to look at it through my scope! next i strafed left to see Sirius and then left and up to spot Ursa Major. I also managed to get a glance at some fuzzy ball of light. I focused the Bino's as much as i could but remained fuzzy, it was above and left of Sirius, bout the same distance away as Orions belt is to Sirius? any idea what it was? All in all, a very useful trip! was only out for an hour, but felt like i learned more in that hour that the last year i have just been gazing up at them!
  16. unfortunately no where near there! but thanks anyway
  17. Hey, thanks for the tip, but unfortunately i am no where near lincolnshire! i have a pretty good guide book already but will def look at the "Turn left at orion"
  18. Thanks john, that really does help! i think you're right about "Paralysis by Analysis" theory, i will have the money for the scope on about two weeks, and have had some really incredible help from everyone here in the forum (especially you, bizbilder or something like that and brantuk) so need to just choose a scope now! luckily where i live there are no main roads and very little disturbances so i think the mount should hopefully remain still either one i decide to buy. i think i will go with SupaTrak auto, as the set up looks simpler and is also £10 pounds cheaper which i can use to buy accessory of some sort does this sound ok? what kind of accessories do you recommend purchasing first?
  19. hi all, Was wondering if some one could please help with this quick question. forgetting the money aspect, which of these would work better? Skywatcher explorer 130p SupaTrak Auto or Skywatcher explorer 130pm?
  20. Ok thanks guys, i will stick with my plans for the 130p, also can some one please tell me what is better, a Skywatcher explorer 130mm or 130p supatrak auto?
  21. Would anyone recommend this telescope? Meade ETX 60 AT Special Edition GOTO starter kit although the goto handset looks good, am i just being drawn in by that and promises of high mag? will the apature be awful? and will the images be unclear?
  22. hey guys trying t use this website, http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm and it says to enter field ov view? how do i know what the field of view for this scope is? Skywatcher explorer 130p supatrak auto
  23. Hey all! thanks for the very helpful comments, the only thing that has put off about the dob are these two things. 1)the mount and base would not be suitable for where i live as to get a clear view i will have to go to the beach, so the stand would not be very sturdy 2) i am interested in doing some basic photography so i think i will stick with the explorer range. So now i know i will stick with the sw explorer range, my question is. what is better, SW 130m or 130pm supatrak auto?
  24. Hey all, just quickly! i have heard so much about both of these and am finding it hard to choose! if you had to choose, which of these would you pick!? SKYWATCHER EXPLORER-130M 130mm (5.1") f/900 MOTORISED Newtonian Reflector Telescope SKYWATCHER EXPLORER-130P F/650 Parabolic Newtonian Reflector Telescope Package Skywatcher Explorer 130P Supertrak Telescope Package
  25. hey all. untill now i have had my mind firmly set on buying the SW explorer 130p, because of the Para mirror. i was slightly inclined towards he 130pm however sources told me that the mount was not that great and that i should get 130p and upgrade motor later. However!................... I have recently heard that there may be another choice! "Apparently" the SW explorer WITH motor 130mm has a parabolic mirror?!?!? if so, would it just be better to get the 130mm? as its cheaper, has a motor, longer FL and parabolic? or is this all BS? lol
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