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  1. Hi all, Long time photographer but newbie stargazer. Eventually want to combine the two. quick question. I was getting used to setting up my new scope against the sliver of the moon this evening on this side of the pond. After aligning the scope to the finder scope I started with a 17mm Nagler and loved the view. I then went to a 7mm Delite and quite pleased again. next step I wanted to zoom into a section of craters so I put in a TV 2x Barlow with the 7mm and the images became soft. Not soft like atmosphere or pollution soft but more like a camera shake not crisp sharp. I did try my hand at collimating before viewing tonight and the scope was acclimated for a good couple of hours outside out of the sun. Do you think I am expecting too much or could the Barlow be the weak link (I've read others using a different Barlow from TV) or is this typical of needing a more precise collimation? Sky watcher 10"" Dob with eyepieces noted above... Thanks in advance. Heading out in a few hours to catch Saturn just above the Horizon before sun up. Darren
  2. Just wanted to say Hello and look forward to tapping the knowledge of the folks here. Just starting to combine my love of photography with the joys of looking up. Have a 10" Dob, DSLR w/500mm prime, and an Overland rig to assist in finding Dark Skies.
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