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  1. Hi all, Just wandering if anyone has been to Greenwich Observatory before as I' am planning on visiting it this weekend? Thanks
  2. I have just finished applying my milk bottle washers onto my Skywatcher 8" dob mount, no more stiction! On top of that, I applied a single washer either side of the scope, it now moves more freely vertically. Thanks for all the great responses.
  3. I' am currently having the same problem with my new 8" Skywatcher Dob. How do I make the milk bottle washers as I can't seem to find an 8" lazy susan? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the advice Mark. The weather in Salisbury should hopefully be clear tonight, will have a go at finding it but through my scope as my focuser has been repaired and returned to me from FLO. I have only used my scope twice so extremely excited, if I find my first comet (Garradd) I will be ecstatic! Thanks again.
  5. This is a great post that has really helped me to better understand the importance of choosing the right eyepieces, especially if you have a low disposable income. Thanks Warthog.
  6. Hi , welcome to SGL.
  7. Hello, welcome to SGL.
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