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  1. Hi Tony, nice to get some feedback from someone with the same scope I will have to keep experimenting with Venus. Maybe it really as something to do with it being so low in the sky when I try to observe it. I may be running into a lot of atmospheric distortion because as I said, when I tried right after sunset, despite not being completely dark, I could see it more clearly. I'm also looking to buy a 2x Barlow but I'm still making some research. Any suggestion would be appreciated Thanks
  2. Thank you very much for the tips. I will try tweak the brightness a little bit next time. Do you recommend any phone holder?
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first post in SGL and I must say I'm really excited about joining this wonderful community and I must thank you all for all the help and advice provided here. I recently bought a Skywatcher Heritage 130 as my first scope. I have a couple of (weird) questions and I would really appreciate if you could answer them: First of all, is there a correct way of handling this telescope (rotating and tilting) while looking at the sky? I'm asking this because sometimes I find myself grabbing it from the back of the tube where the screws are to tilt it, and I'm afrai
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