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  1. Hi from me, another Basingstoke resident.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is self-consious about sneaking around the garden after dark with a pair of binoculars! Having my other half smirking and making comments doesn't help either!
  3. As a newcomer I'd like to thank everyone on this site for making me feel welcome. I am a true beginner but every time I log on I feel as though I learn something new. Shame the weather doesn't allow me to use some of my new found knowledge!
  4. I got 25 and I'm just a beginner. Still at the bins stage. Can't wait to get a scope I might double my score!
  5. I'm really looking forward to seeing this series. I spent most of the early eighties pregnant so didn't have the time or the energy to watch much tv.
  6. Well I hope amazon appreciate what we are doing fortheir sales figures! Perhaps we should ask for discount!
  7. Hi, I've just ordered the box set and the book from amazon. Can't wait!
  8. Thanks, I'll definately be looking out for the box set and the book.
  9. I was listening to a programme on radio 4 today and Brian Cox was a guest. He aid that the thing that really got him into astronomy was a series called 'Cosmos' presented by Carl Sagan. Does anyone remember this series? It was probably on early eighties.
  10. I need to know a bit more about it before I part with any cash!
  11. Hi I'm in Basingstoke. Clear sky here. I don't have a scope yet as I'm just learning but nights like this are making me impatient to buy one.
  12. there is a truly beautiful moon tonight.
  13. Hello from Basingstoke. I'm a newcomer and grateful for any advice on offer.
  14. Dumping is not an option but I do like the idea of snuggling up together!
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