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  1. Whats the integration times on the images? They all look great.
  2. That looks great, think this will be my next target after I'm finished with M42.
  3. For flat darks, do you switch it back to manual mode and set the sutterspeed to the length of your flats? (lens cap one).
  4. I can give that a try too, thanks!
  5. Thanks, I'll take a look at this.
  6. Hi, I don't know how to title this or word it, but here goes. I've set up my location in EQMOD and matched in Sterallium, in the image attached you'll see how much out the sterallium object is to my telescope position. In the screenshot M81 is pretty much dead center on my mirrorless camera LCD screen. Is there a way to "update" this offset so sterallium gets it right next time? Thanks, Mark
  7. Hi, I recently set this up with my goto mount, I'm using a B2 to usb cable that i plug into my hand controller and then use the usb end to plug into the SAME usb port on my laptop each time. (COM4) is what my laptop calls it. Under the port section of the ASCOM setup I make sure that also says COM4 under Port. I click ok and everything should be fine. I set this up VIA the ASCOM toolbox under driver settings (or something like that). Make sure to register too before you do any of this. Only need to do it once, for me to get it to work on windwos 10 I had to open ASCOM toolbox v
  8. Set up SharpCap PA tonight, got an Excellent for setting it up took like 5mins all good. By the end of my play around it was sitting at Fair... Should it really shift that much?
  9. Seemed to go better the second, 3rd and 4th time. This was the last assistant check. will upload logs tomorrow. Seems my PA in SharpCap needs work as even though I got an Excellent when I set up by the end of the night when I put the telescope back into the home position it was Fair... so it’s shifted quite a bit!! just to be clear I only had to do the guiding assistant on my first attempt, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time it worked first time.
  10. Oh wait got about 6 mins before the can’t make steps in Dec warning, running guiding assistant.
  11. Got my guiding working! Does a little dance
  12. re the guide scope focus, i did try using the bahtinov focus part in SharpCap for focusing my guide scope, but it obviously needs more work!
  13. Thanks for this, much appreciated!
  14. This is my second pole scope for my mount as the first one I tried to calibrate it and one of the small screws fell into the chamber... that’s why I bought SharpCap pro!
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