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  1. Wow puts my 104 x 2min subs of the Iris, without a full moon, to shame….with same sensor…
  2. Apparently is should be set to zero, according to a guy on another forum I just asked….or it can hang he says….
  3. Hmmm, I have 0-60 and I set it in 20, for USB traffic, but no memory setting…I thought there was 2gb memory buffer on these cameras….
  4. Back to my question, why 56 and not 60, as the drop off starts at 56, but the lowest read noise seems to be at 60 on the graph…??
  5. Nice thread @teoria_del_big_bang I should find this very useful… Now for a change, let’s talk USB traffic setting, never seen it mentioned, and I guess it’s not really an issue for DSO work, more for planetary video…so what setting do you guys use, it’s goes from 0-60 and mine came defaulted to 0 in NINA, but I changed to 20 and have left it there, does this have any impact with DSO work or any other positive or negative effect I should know about…??
  6. This is something I don’t do….how much impact would this have on my noisy images…??
  7. It does make you wonder why they even bother with the mode 0 if the mode 1 will be better all round, which it seems to show on the graph, who wants to use a lower gain with much higher read noise, under what situation would you want or need that…???
  8. Would you say gain 56 or 60, (in mode 1) as the start of the drop is 56, so would it not be best at 60 where it’s the lowest read noise….or don’t you think it matters….?
  9. Just been looking a the graph of the ASI2600c and the QHY2600c and it seems that your gain 100 is equivalent to Mode 1 gain 60 on the QHY, so that encourages me even more to try this setting….
  10. Superb results there, very impressive for 2 min subs……
  11. So excuse my ignorance, but does that mean upping the gain will help, with shorter exposures and so using mode 1 and gain 56 would be a good idea….? You have told me before that you use these settings to good effect, so will give them a try, I tried mode 1 gain 0 last time out with 5 min subs, but still noisy, but I guess that maybe somewhat down to the almost full moon….
  12. Looking at the graphs above, mode 1 gain 60 seems the best to me…rather than unity ...but I may well be reading it wrong
  13. Ok, so just really need to make sur I don’t saturate stars … then I k ow full well capacity has not been reached….yes…do I see this in the sub image statistics…?
  14. And the full well and dynamic range graph
  15. Yes I had both mono and OSC i guess I am not explaining very well, with this QHY268c I am trying to figure out an optimal gain setting v sun length, so as not to loose too much full well and dynamic range, up to now I have used the Low gain photographic mode on gain 0 which was stupid as the noise level was at its highest, then I tried the Higher gain mode with gain 0, which I believe is unity, and it was better but still noisy for 3.5 hours of 5 min subs, so am thinking maybe I should up it the 56 gain in this mode, but then I look at the graph for the camera and think am I losing too much full well and dynamic range…..or am I just over thinking it all….. QHY268C GRAPH showing all 4 modes
  16. Yes, but what about the negatives of that, lower full well and reduced dynamic range, this is what confuses me with these IMX571 cameras….
  17. This is my point, they are not, I get an image full of stars and nothing else until it’s mega stretched…..which brings out all the noise, I would expect after stacking even with very little stretch so see the DSO….but no….
  18. The image shows up in NINA, each time one is taken and I can see the DSO there, albeit faintly, but as soon as stacked with a small stretch I just get a picture with a green tinge and loads of stars…it has to be really stretched to bring out the image, and with that comes all the noise…. ‘My issue really is finding the correct gain setting to use with correct sub length, so as not to maximise full well and loose to much dynamic range…..easy…..hmmmmm absolutely not, this is my issue…..so go short subs and very big gain and hope the stars are not saturated, or longer subs lower gain, which means more noise, but more signal……
  19. I still have my old Atik 4000 mono, as been trying to sell for a while with no interest, I may well now keep it as a back up if I get fed up…with trying to get my head around this CMOS era….
  20. Hmmm, I am not sure about all this, as now the latest CMOS cameras are 16 bit, I was under that impression that longer subs would get better results from these, I have the QHY268c and tried 2 min subs, and got barely anything at all, just a boat load of noise….then as above I shot 5 min subs and still a boat load of noise, and this is with unity gain, and bortle 6 skies, and using an Idas P2 LP filter….at f5.3 with a tak FSQ85… So I am confused by all these different opinions….on long or short subs….
  21. Where are there IMX571 based cameras, I’ve not seen those…?
  22. Well this was 3.5 hours of 5 min subs, under a moonlit sky and Idas P2 LP filter..with my QHY268c, at f5.3 450mm fl, there was nothing showing on individual subs, they were just a light green colour with the stars…I would have expected to see more in the individual subs really… but maybe that was the moons doing. It is very noisy… I used the high gain mode at gain 0 on this camera which is unity I believe…
  23. You are in the exact same position as me, and feeling the same as me, I have used CCD for years and decided to move to the QHY268c and I too am a little disappointed, my images are full of noise and not pretty at all, and yet I read how much more sensitive these CMOS cameras are but I don’t see it at all, the quirks and trying to get correct gains and offsets, it driving my nuts, and I too am thinking of a return to CCD, this CMOS lark is just not what it was advertised as, unless I am doing something seriously wrong, which I doubt, I would love to know where and how all the superb images on here were created, it does make me wonder how much of them were created in the processing more so than the camera..But I will stick at it after shelling out over £1600 on this new QHY268c camera, I guess this past week has not been the best time for imaging with the moon around every night…so maybe I was expecting a bit too much…time will tell…
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