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  1. ok, I guess they calculate viewing as a function of jet stream speed it's very useful, thanks Mark
  2. ok im looking out of the window, it is overcast, the site confirms 3 layers and yet it calculates a viewing of 1.5 arcseconds, the same value tomorrow with no clouds
  3. i'm in an area where cloudless sky doesn't always mean clear view because of air current above and moisture which the weather app doesn't account for do you folks know of an app that gives a viewing index of the location?
  4. svony makes clones of these - amazing comfort! i think it's the zero eye relief do you guys know a binoviewer or even binoscope setup that matches this comfort?
  5. god i hate long eye relief i have a pair of 26* 2x42 no eye relief and that makes them so comfortable, just plop them on my eyes and they become an extension
  6. thanks mate! yes, it's about deforking, what i want is dovetailing that fork mount, to put other otas on it
  7. I had a 9.25 ages ago, very solid mount, my eye wasn't as discerning new lx65 - stellar optics, garbage mount and software. Based on this large sample base I'd go new Meade optic and some other mount
  8. I see threads on deforking an OTA but I'm curious about dovetailing a Nexstar 11 fork. Has anyone done it?
  9. how do you drill and tap the tube without leaving aluminium shavings in the tube?
  10. I've tried another combination and couldn't even get focus. It's so funny how the 120mm Orion has tons of back focus but not enough front focus (is it a thing? when the focuser is all the way retracted inside the tube). I'd pull out my saw if I were sure to keep it. What is the best combination of OTA, bino and eyepiece to get a nice wide AFOV through a Quark?
  11. Got it, and I found out the eye relief becomes insanely long so if I can find or make a cheap telecentric I'll do that. This is fun, sun away for a few more days so let me try the 200W desk lamp. Thrice the diameter for a 3X barlow? focal length is about 132mm
  12. Is this blurry because of atmospheric conditions? how do you get x3 with a x2 barlow?
  13. Very similar look to the Denkmeiers, I was told the Mark 5 were very good. Does the size of the prism matter if you are looking for wide AFOV? Today it's an Orion 120 with a Quark. The binos I am likely to keep are the Celestron. The current eyepieces are 33mm I think, very simple, open glass. When I add a 2x barlow to reach the level of magnification that I'm looking for, the image is blurry and it's a bit like looking through a keyhole, there is almost no keyhole if I use a par of 15mm eyepieces instead. Bluriness remains, I think it's just a bit hazy today. I wish I could show you but any attempt to take photos through the eyepiece looks like this... (I wonder if that line in the middle is a crack in the etalon, it disappears when the focus is right) After taking a glance at the prices, I'll join you on the cheapie route so... Do you barlow each eyepiece or the nose of bino? Show me your setup.
  14. I cannot find them in the US. The Celestron and Astromania aren't working for me. But the other day at the store I had the misfortune of trying out a pair of Televue - they are so perfect for my eyes. decloaked? what is this mount? it looks like a DM-4 Denk II on the left, what's on the right?
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