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  1. Oh and the upper seal might provide extra lateral stability. 12V ? I haven't found linear actuator with enough lateral strength to carry the 70# forkmount. If it's 12v pump, I've only seen double acting manual pumps, 110v electric pumps... And it gets complicated with oil and expensiver.
  2. I'm embarking on the same adventure. Here is the plan: Pier made of 2 tubes . The Host is 6" with an ID that matches the OD of the smaller tube which is a roughly 5" Smaller tube attached 3" inside to a 12" linear actuator, these are narrow enough to fit in the 6" host tube. There will be some leeway, this is handled by 2 screws welded to the 5". The pass through a slit in the 6", tighten by bolted handles
  3. 70 GBP!? damn that's cheap, care to show photos and dimensions?
  4. Do you have a list? ES82 are uneven in quality.
  5. awesome test Don, thank you. unacceptable for photo but maybe ok for visual, which requires other lenses to move the eyepiece off to the side a guy on CN ran raytracing in OSLO and found an ok solution for about 60$: two meniscus https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/599182-anyone-use-rev-imager-fun-star/?hl=%2Bmeniscus+%2Bfunstar#entry8320124
  6. Gorgeous composite Mind your crop frame in the last swirl
  7. ok, I guess they calculate viewing as a function of jet stream speed it's very useful, thanks Mark
  8. ok im looking out of the window, it is overcast, the site confirms 3 layers and yet it calculates a viewing of 1.5 arcseconds, the same value tomorrow with no clouds
  9. i'm in an area where cloudless sky doesn't always mean clear view because of air current above and moisture which the weather app doesn't account for do you folks know of an app that gives a viewing index of the location?
  10. svony makes clones of these - amazing comfort! i think it's the zero eye relief do you guys know a binoviewer or even binoscope setup that matches this comfort?
  11. god i hate long eye relief i have a pair of 26* 2x42 no eye relief and that makes them so comfortable, just plop them on my eyes and they become an extension
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