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  1. Hello Dave, Welcome! This is one of the best resources available for anyone starting out.., Lots to do, lots to discover - feel free to ask away and offer suggestions at any time! Best.., bsdsgl84
  2. Hi, Small outdoor shed of some sort, maybe? Subject to dimensins, but Homebase has this that may work. But I actually like the looks of this one from B&Q instead.., Hope this helps.., Best.., bsdsgl84
  3. bsdsgl84

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    Hi Chris, Yours is the same scope I had as my first! Despite all the other equipment I've since acquired, I still use the NexStar 6SE-XLT - good choice!! Best., bsdsgl84
  4. bsdsgl84


    Well., if you're gonna dip your toes back into this hobby, you simply could not have picked a more glorious place in the world to do it from Best., bsdsgl84
  5. Hello, I understand., thanks for the additional information.., Given your starting position coming from BST (which is an EP line from Barska - you may know their in house line called Olivon) and the price point you provided, may I suggest you consider the following lines: - Baader Hyperion 68° Explore Scientific Waterproof AR 82° in terms of edge performance and eye relief. At your price point, with a focused shopping exercise you may well find some of them brand new as well., Feel free to take some time to do a bit of research for them as well, okay? Hope that helps.., Best.., bsdsgl84
  6. Hello, Good to hear from you.., I have no experience with BSTs myself, but I'm curious.., Its not clear if you currently enjoy using these eyepieces with the scopes you mentioned above, but if that is the case, what exactly are you NOT getting out of your current eyepieces that you hope to achieve from future upgrades? Thanks., Best.., bsdsgl84
  7. Hi, I do like this option, so sure., Found the product listed here as well - but the reviews give me cause for concern, really.., Best., bsdsgl84
  8. Hi John, Ah - no, its being shipped to California - via DHL. Its only 12:15 PM here
  9. Hello John, Good to hear from you - thanks for getting back to me.., Thanks for confirming that the Altair will work without mods - but you know what, from the additional background you provided, I think I'll wait to see to see what the Rowan saddle is like before proceeding with the Altair.., Thanks again, John! Best.., bsdsgl84
  10. Hi, Can you let me know if you needed to make any modifications to the Altair Astro saddle for it to fit the Rowan, please? I ordered a Rowan and I'm interested in replacing the saddle with one these Altair Astro saddles, thanks., Best.., bsdsgl84
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