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  1. Personally.., (and this is my own opinion) I always felt the DM6 to be over-hyped and overpriced for what it actually is, does and how its packaged. I ended up with one of Larry Patriarca's last UniStar Deluxe mounts after the DM6 and I could not be happier - well until the Rowan AZ100, of course Best.., bsdsgl84
  2. I understand the benefits of having choices, but if I had still owned my old DM6, I would have sold it on the day I got my new Rowan AZ100 - without hesitation.., Best.., bsdsgl84
  3. Hello, From a cursory search here on SG - there have been discussions about this mount in the past. You may want to consider reviewing those as a start, then perhaps either posting to any them that are relevant, or contacting one of more owners for feedback. Hope this helps.., Best., bsdsgl84
  4. Hello, Good to hear from you., I got my AZ-100 with encoders. I am a visual-only observer and my main mount is a GoTo GEM that carries a Celestron C-14. I do have a few other scopes and having recently sold off my other GEMs, I wanted a simpler, alt-az mount of excellent mechanical quality with above-average payload capacity. I elected to go with the encoder version because I wanted the option to quickly set up and be able to swiftly move onto observing. I am still working full time (from home like most), and its hit and miss what chances I get to observe, so I want to be able start quickly and not be dealing with any additional power needs other than that for perhaps dew control and the Nexus meets this quite nicely in my situation. Hope this helps., Best., bsdsgl84
  5. Hello John, Oh - understood, that makes sense - thanks for explaining and the photos to illustrate. I've added the item to my AMZN cart - but will see what Dave comes back with - I plan to give them a ring on Monday anyways so will see what they say., Thanks again, All! Best.., bsdsgl84
  6. Ummm., the product as pictured in your link is not the same as what is used in the link I posted earlier., Best.., bsdsgl84
  7. Okay, thanks, all., I'll keep an eye out with the aim to get one to test whilst I wait to hear back from Dave / Derek. Thanks again.., Best., bsdsgl84
  8. Hello John, How is the Rowan supposed to sit atop that extension as pictured? I've never used nor owned an (Skywatcher) EQ6 mount, so its not a system I'm familiar with - thanks., Best., bsdsgl84
  9. Hmm., I wasn't sure, so I googled the phrase "EQ Pier extension" literally - is this what you are referring to? I can't really see how that is supposed to work with my current tripod and the mount, to be honest. Even if the base fits the tripod head, the top (which is what I presume is visible in the picture) isn't compatible with the Rowan AZ-100 base.., Thanks again., Best.., bsdsgl
  10. Hello Garry, Great, thanks for the photo - appreciate it. Looks like it won't work with the Rowan Az-100 UNI28 I have.., I reached out to Dave at Rowan to enquire about any plans for / advice on extension options. In the mean time, I'll contact Berlebach, but suspect their response would be for me to buy an Ioptron tripod or at least an Ioptron head that I'd have to move the legs to - which isn't ideal.., Thanks again.., Best., bsdsgl84
  11. Hello Garry, Good to hear from you - thanks for taking the time to respond. Appreciate the information here. My UNI28 which I got directly from Berlebach has the Rowan AZ-100 adatpter and fits the mount perfectly. So the top of the tripod is designed to receive the AZ-100 mount directly. With the Ioptron adapter - I would need to know what its bottom face is like . Did you have any photos of what that looks like? Thanks again., Best.. bsdsgl84
  12. @garryblueboy Thanks for the post., I wonder if that tripod adapter will also fit the Berlebach UNI28? I've been looking at what I could use for a tripod extension for my Rowan AZ-100 + UNI28, so this looks promising.., Thanks again.., Best.., bsdsgl84
  13. Hello, Good to hear from you.., The single-most important takeaway since I started in this hobby in the UK is this:: When the weather or skies allow, take your shot! As I have to work Mon - Fri, whenever weather and time allows, I start as soon as its dark enough and go for at least 2.5 - 3.5 hours, then I call it a night. Its very rare that I'd have the chance to observe 5 nights in a row, so a couple of nights per week of a few hours sleep is manageable for me currently. If I get a chance on a Friday, I'll generally go until just before dawn - depending on the season. Ironically, in my second location in California, its more of the same due to the marine layer So it doesn't matter whether I'm in Surrey, UK or CA, US - the opportunity to observe is still very much dependent on the weather.., Ah well.., Best.., bsdsgl84
  14. Hi There, A warm welcome to you! Yours is a journey many of us have taken to end up here.., Lots to see and learn from the good folks of SGL - enjoy! Best.., bsdsgl84
  15. Hello There, Glad to have you on board - your binoculars will definitely provide you with stunning and insightful views and is a nice introduction. Finger crossed the skies are indeed clear for you! Best.., bsdsgl84
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