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  1. Hi Peter, I will be using the Minitron camera with my 12" Orion US Dobsonian on an Equatorial Tracking Platform. The Equatorial Platform essentially converts the f 4.5 12" Dobsonan into a RA driven polar mounted scope. Objects stay visually stationary in the eyepiece at 300x plus so I am hoping for good results with the Minitron . I will keep this thread updated with results, and post some images if/when we get a clear night here (!!) Thanks again
  2. Bingo ! I followed up Peter's idea of unscrewing a couple of turns and that helped. Then I thought to inserted a plain filter between the bino nose and the screw in Barlow nose piece, ie put in a spacer that moved the screw in Barlow nose piece about 1/4 inch furthur away from the Bino viewer and Bingo I can now focus !! Thanks for the help and suggestions, Peter Clear night in prospect here in Cornwall ( about time too )
  3. Welcome to SGL I agree ,dont be in a hurry to buy. Find a local astronomy club/group and go along to a meeting they are sure to let you try out thier bits of Kit There is a good list of local astronomy groups etc on the strathspey binoculars site I bought too small a scope, then sold and bought bigger, etc, etc above all ENJOY the night sky
  4. Hi I observe from a wild "back garden", up a cliff behind the house. We have badgers and they scare the bejezus out of me at 2pm when I an concentrating om M13 and one suddenly goes past at a run grunting. I have been known to throw apples to scare them off, but they just grunt more , eating them probably. Just hold your sphincter and carry on observing, or take some spare pants.
  5. Well........ one or two beers is unlikely to affect your eyeballs that much BUT you may fall over the tripod in the dark. Or drop that Nagler on the patio Or fall over the dog on the wsy back in Or all of the above Oh and in Cornwall we drink Cyder, but only if its cloudy (?) Clear skies
  6. hi guys Thanks for all the warm welcome messages. I will try to reduce the size of my photos a bit to post some images of the recent Astro Fair and the Victorian telescopes etc
  7. Hi Guys thanks for the information Have ordered a Minitron from Phil Dyer and will keep you posted as to the results with my 12" dob on its equatorial platform cheers
  8. Hi Peter, thanks, I will try the unscrew trick. Also have just bought a low profile 2" to 1.25 adapter that should give that extra 1/4 inch as it has a very shallow flange. IF not may saw the flange off to get the bino body tight up against the Crayford, but add a couple of safety screws to lock it in the focussre. If not Iwill look out for a 3x barlow thanks again
  9. Hi, my 12" dobsonian give clear rendering of Jupiters cloud belts in full living colour. All depends on how much light your scope can gather. Your eyes need a minimum threshold ammount of light to percieve colour. That is why you see the world in black and white at night
  10. Hi, agreed thet only one motor needed for if tracking, if you have a good polar alignment. This is how Equatorial Platforms for Dobsonians track with only one motor. In this case the platform itself plays the part of a polar aligned mount, 'cos its set to your latitude angle.
  11. Hi, for me wide angle in an f5 scope, then get a televue nagler, they are THE BEST and you wont regret it. normal views, the meade 4000 plossls are just fine My scope is f4.5
  12. Agree with the above, in my bit of damp Cornwall, I keep the scope "indoors" by default. Best solution for me was a small wooden shed ( £100 B&Q ) as wood breathes and absorbs moisture keeping the inside relatively dry. Also does not get too hot if (!!) we have sunny days and stays temperate inside. Have even observed through the open door from inside to avoid the wind on occasions. Just put one up where you observe and you won't regret it. To leave the scope outside to cool etc I use a cover mede for the umbrells style patio heaters, nice and waterproof, strong and only £15 again B&Q.
  13. Hi, nice photo. Its Venus, which is visible surprisingly often in daylight with a decent scope. At the NLO Meteor watch in devon 10 days ago we saw both venus and saturn, including rings edge on, well before sunset ie in daylight, with an 8" scope nice unusual observation.
  14. Well, what can I say . after a nice day it is Pi**ing down again here in Cornwall. BUT When the night sky is clear its the best experience in the world. " beauty would not be beauty if it was a common occurance" bad translation of old Chinese saying
  15. Hi, too far for me too I am afraid ( " just fly up ", yeah I know, but, our nearest real airport is Bristol --180miles away ). I have heard Jocelyn talk and this will be well worth attending. I spent 3 years at Strathclyde on the staff in Chemistry in the 80's, it is a great place and Glasgow is a blast. Get there if you can guys.
  16. Hi, some sort of sticker is a great idea for these events. free publicity for the next event, and a bit like the early christians fish over the door mark putting a sticker on your car says, " I am an astronomer, are you ?"
  17. Great idea to have an astro show in the Midlands I will be there, looks well organised and lots of stuff to see and do
  18. Hi Peter, yes it's a pain. I am about 1/4 inch short of focus. Thought the screw in nose piece barlow would solve this as it removes about 1/4 inch from the ligth path, and the bino head is now tight up against the Crayford . but no joy. I think my problem may be that I have a 2" Crayford, and the 1 1/4 inch adapter has a rim on it of ca 1/4inch deed that therefore increases the light path by 1/4 inch. Seen a post from US that a 3x Barlow solved this problem for someone in my specific scope . Does anyone know if this may work, ie does a 3x Barlow move the focus point back compared to a 2x barlow ??
  19. Hi Ron, sorry if my post did not make that clear Visited the SW astro Fair too at NLO and it was a great day lots os stuff to see and buy will be there next year 100%
  20. Hi, visited the NLO in Devon for the first time a couple of weeks ago Great historic Victoran telescopes , planetarium, etc and very enthusiastic members. well worth a look if you are in Devon. their web site is Welcome to the Norman Lockyer Observatory Public open days normally thursday evenings Observing for NLO members Fridays, join for £20 and you get to use the 10 and 12 inch historic telescopes etc Tried to attached a couple of photos of the goodies , but files are too big. have a look at the web site for a virtual tour etc
  21. Hi, I have recently aquired second hand a revelation bino-viewer. But I Can't achieve focus in my f4.5 Orion 12" Dobsonian. read up a bit then Bought a 2x classic barlow, still can't focus. Read a bit more , then bought a another Barlow , this time an AE 2x with a "nose piece" containing the lenses that unscrews and screws into the binos, a bit more " in focus travel" BUT still can't quite achieve focus. Any ideas folks ? Google shows a US supplier siebertoptics of "optical correctors" for bino viewers, which are like a screw in Barlow nose piece, but at over $170 inc shipping its a bit rich for me. their web site is below http://www.siebertoptics.com/Siebert...planation.html
  22. Hi, has anyone had experience of the Minitron CCD video cameras ? They look very intersting and can integrate up to 126 images on the fly to give an "equilavent to 5sec " exposure. I want to use one with my 12" dobsonian on an equatorial tracking platform, like the guys in the USofA do with the ( very expensive ) Canadian Mallincam cameras. Minitrons are only £300 all in.
  23. Hi, same problem live 100m from the sea and its cloudy nmost nights, and when its not its misty . AND bonjour humidity and dew problems. I went to the Norman Lockyear Observatory in Devon for their meteor watch and it was great, well organised and over 100 " members of the public" attended and saw lots on an essentially clear sky. called home and they had 100% cloud cover !! may have to move house .........
  24. Hi, I have recently aquired second hand revelation bino-viewers. Can't achieve focus in my f4.5 Orion 12" Dobsonian. Bought a 2x classic barlow, still can't focus. Bought a another Barlow , this time an AE 2x with a "nose piece" that unscrews and screws into the binos, still can't quite achieve focus. Any ideas folks ? Google shows a US supplier of "optical correctors" for bino viewers, like a screw in barlow nose piece, but at over $170 inc shipping its a bit rich for me. http://www.siebertoptics.com/SiebertOptics-.OCAexplanation.html
  25. Hi don't touch a North star systems platform There is lots of stuff on the Yahoo equatoirial platforms group about their platform, and I know someone who imported one. eqplatforms : Eqplatforms They are total rubbish, badly made, chaep materials and not even set to the latitude he ordered. Used a furniture castor in place of a bearing, sandpaper in the drive mechanisim, etc, etc. There are some phots in the Yahoo group section under North Star Dob tracker III http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eqplatforms/photos/album/561436231/pic/list Join the yahoo group and have a look I would not touch one if it was FREE.
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