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  1. You're right, this really is a good thread! I could have never imagined the complexity in just choosing a suitable scope. Ahhhh so torn! The town I live in is, I would say, is moderately light poluted being just off of the M11. As Astro-Baby says, in these conditions it sounds like having the GoTo mount would be advantageous to maximise viewing time however, we do have a small place in a seaside town which I can get to maybe once a month at most. This town has some of the clearest nights I've ever seen and no light pollution where by the sounds of it the dobsonian would really come into it's own. The problem with that is that it's a 2 hour drive and by the sounds of it the dob isn't the most portable little device in the world. I guess I could obsess about this too long and should maybe just bite the bullet. From your descriptions, I should be impressed nomatter which one I go for... right?! ...Oh yeah. And I just realised the user descriptions and am highly amused at being descibed as vacuous! Haha.


    Hey Baz, Thanks for the tip on Stellarium. That's a great app and although it's overcast now... I can see it's going to be really handy! Thanks for the welcome all.
  3. Thanks guys. Very informative. I truely am leaning towards the 10" dobsonian. In fact I think from what you guys have said that I'm 90% of the way there. Space is the one thing that's getting me at the moment but I'm sure I'll be able to sort something out. Storing it in a garage isn't liekly to cause damage to it is it? Assuming I go for this scope, what would be the key accessories. I have found the following; Moon & Neutral Density Filters - Variable Polarizing Moon Filter Torches - Skywatcher Dual LED I was also wondering if you guys think it would be worth getting a high end eyepiece or if the ones supplied are likely to be of good enough quality. Also would you recommend a right angle eyepiece for the spotter scope and is the main eyepiece on the tube at a right angle by default? It looks like it is. Finally, would a good Barlow be a wise purchase and are there any other things that you think I should get? Thanks
  4. Thanks all for the info. I'm very torn about which road to go down (newt dobsonian / GoTo Cassegrain) but I think I'm leaning toward the Dob. I also think that learning the sky by hand rather than having a 'Guided GoTo Tour' must be more rewarding no?! I agree that I should probably learn just through observation initially but out of interest, are there adapters that will allow me to SAFELY plug in a Canon 50D (I say safely becuase surely it adds weight and strains the motorised mount?!) into where the eyepiece would usually fit or do you have to buy special cameras. If both are applicable then is there a preferred option for you guys? Also, is a Maksutov Cassegrain the same as a Schmidt Cassegrain? Excuse my ignorance! Thanks again.
  5. Hi All, I have been keen to get my first scope for a while now and have been doing some research during which I stumbled across this forum a number of times so thought I should join up. I have posted in the new members bit (where Doc and others have been great at helping me out with my newbie questions -----> 'http://stargazerslounge.com/welcome/100486-hi.html') but thought I should bring the questions over this way where they belong :-) I am after something under £400 ideally that will give me some longevity and that might get me started or at least be a stepping stone into knowing how to get into astrophotograpy. I currently have a Canon 50D, a doubler and a 500mm lense which I use for some lunar photography. I don't intend to use it for terestrial observation and if it's somewhat portable then that would be a cheeky bonus! After reading into the different kind of scopes out there I came across this one; http://www.telescopeplanet.co.uk/ViewProdDetails.asp?name=Skywatcher SKYMAX-127 SynScan™ AZ GOTO Black Telescope&prod_code=PON08J000122 It seemed to get good reviews as a starter scope and from what I can tell comes with a good amound of accessories (eye pieces, lunar filter etc). You guys may be able to say if they are likely to be worth anything?! Doc has recommended; Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian I trust everyones opinion in these forums way more than my own but my only concern whith this is the potability as I am struggling to get an idea of weight and size. However, apart from that it looks to be an amazing telescope. Does anyone have any thoughts? Also is anyone able to suggest key accessories. I assume things like a map of the sky and a red light? I also assume that the list of accessories is dependant on the scope you but as GoTo may require something like a 7AHr battery for the mount etc... Stop me if I'm making this up Cheers MC


    Thanks very much Doc, I really appreciate your advice. I assume a newtonian mount is more expensive that the dobsonian. Am I right in thinking a Newtoninan is the same as an equatorial and will track stars when properly set up? Is this all stuff I should be putting in another thread? EDIT: Also, would the dobsonian still be good for for lunar and planetary oberservation?


    Thanks for the great advice Doc. Someone had also pointed me in the direction of this; Maksutov - Skywatcher Skymax 127 SynScan AZ GOTO Do you know how it would compare? I have to say the idea of something fairly compact such as a Cassegrain (I understand they use a combination of refraction and relection?!) is appealing althought not entirely essential but would be interested to know everyones opinion on the type and make/model of the scope. Thanks again


    It's difficult to determine if I am on a 'low' budget as I have no frame or reference :-) I would say I would top out at about £400ish.


    Hi Doc, Brendanof, I have not yet bought a scope. I thought I should do the research and ask for some advice before handing over my money. I have browsed a few websites and also found some 'How to buy a telescope' videos on YouTube extrememly informative. I have to admit that prior to really doing some reading, I never realised just buying a scope was such an in depth decision. There are so many more options/types of scope than I could have imagined! There are some scopes that I have in mind but realistically I need to find out what you guys recommend for an entry level scope that is still going to give me some longevity and possibly with a view to move into doing some astrophotography. I have a Canon 50D with a doubler and 500mm lense which I have been using just to do some lunar shots. I get the impression that a scoped setup would be better. In reality though the astrophotography is something for the future and could be ommited in the spec for getting my first scope. MC


    Hi all, I have just signed up to the forum and thought I better follow procedure and say hello! I've always been an astrophysics enthusiast but have just recently revived my long ambition to get into astonomy and own my very own telescope (it's a fairly costly hobby for a student but now that I'm out of uni and working I can afford to get started!) So I've been doing the research and found this site extremely helpful. I'll no doubt be asking lots of annoying newbie questions over the coming weeks so I appologise in advance for my nievety :=) Cheers MC
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