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  1. Hi. I am totally new to star gazing although I have always been interested with the night sky so I have decided to start a new hobby. I had a lovely Christmas present from my hubby - a Sky Watcher SkyMax-127 with AZ-GTI Wi-Fi mount. Perfect for a brand new beginner!! is there anyone on here who has one? Any tips? Know of a SynScan manual? I appear to be being a total dingbat and it is so frustrating and upsetting! I thought I would be fine with all this (I was an IT Consultant before stopping work!) but I am struggling with the app on my iPad and understanding how to use it. WiFi and set up has been fine - but I don’t know if alignment has been done properly. The telescope seems happy enough moving around for planets and stars etc. - but I don’t seem to understand the screen and comments and what I should be doing. Any advice would be brilliant! Thanks Alison
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