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  1. Yes Jim, what could the outcome be though? there is a lot of talk of bad outcomes
  2. This is the part that I am unsure of the outcome this can be the worst outcome from what I have seen
  3. Still a little lost what happens if it does not stop dimming and the rate it is dimming then something will happen in our lifetime what would happen if it continued dimming?
  4. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1130676last paragraph above And although there are signs that the dimming may be slowing, it could be that Betelgeuse doesn’t get brighter as expected – and that increases the chances, however slim, that it will explode as a supernova. “I think it is a low probability,” he said. “But it could.” also this article https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/science/stargazing-guide-february-betelgeuse-fading-venus-a9314366.html%3famp
  5. Also I found this https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/science/stargazing-guide-february-betelgeuse-fading-venus-a9314366.html%3famp
  6. But if it continues to dim until it in gone who knows what will happen and affect us? And if it continues dimming the way it is then it will happen soon? i am reading all this stuff online and on other forums. why is that not being mentioned here?
  7. If it continues dimming, then something new is happening but the likelihood is that the effect will be down to expulsion of material which partially obscures the star and eventually it'll brighten again. Or it will continues dim until it’s gone so this could collapse upon itself
  8. And all these possibilities are happening now in our lifetimes? also it is possibly as close as 400 light years
  9. I am really confused with all this to be honest. what I have been reading is if it starts illuminating again then is will become a supernova and it’s at a safe distance if it continues dimming it will explode into a black hole. Which at the distance is dangerous So far with all the dimming it looks like it’s in the process of becoming a black hole. Both scenarios are very very close to happening
  10. Yes but don’t black holes suck matter in around them and grow? basically concenus is with the drastic dimming and the fact it has never been dimmer and still going that whatever happens will happen very very soon. They think supernova but can keep dimming and become a black hole. now from what I have read on different boards is that the distance on if it would become a black hole would be to close for comfort. As I mentioned the day of February 21 will tell us which way it is going to go. https://www.spaceweather.com/images2...urve_strip.png The most recent measurements put the magnitude of Betelgeuse at about +1.66, the dimmest its been in our 25 years of photometery," says Edward Guinan of Villanova University. Answers might be forthcoming on Feb. 21st. Astronomers have long known that Betelgeuse is a variable star. If Betelegeuse starts to bounce back on Feb. 21st, this whole episode might just be a deeper-than-average pulsation, and perhaps the supernova watch can be called off. However, notes Guinan, "even if the 430-day period is still working, this would indicate a minimum brightness near 0.9 mag--much brighter than the current value near 1.6 mag. So something very unusual is going on." Stay tuned for updates as Feb. 21st approaches
  11. It is only 600 to 800 lights years away isn’t that daily close if it becomes a black hole. The closest to earth is like 3000 light years, so this would become the closest to us mans i read we will know by February 21
  12. No it’s a new notion that because of the unordinary dimming it May become a black hole
  13. So they are now predicting that Betelgeuse will become a black hole, if this is the case it changes the whole outcome and can possibly have dangerous impacts to planet earth seems to be the new possible consensus, anyone else here anything about this possibility the date of feb 21 is coming up a lot now. this will make it the closest black hole to earth
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