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  1. Hello everyone. Im looking for Skywatcher Motor Drive For EQ2 With Multi Speed Handset, or some other similar motor drive. Anyone knows where can I buy some second hand motor drive? I looked in internet shops, but the prices are quite high. Maybe someone has some old one and wish to sell it?
  2. Ok my dear advising friends. I have another question. Ive chosen couple things which I'm going to buy. I may buy also some solar filter. Is the one from my photo any good? Or better buy the one baader solar filter? And what size of the filter I should take? Will it work also with different telescope? (My lucky friend has now skywatcher 90/900).
  3. Soooo lucky to have me:))) Thank you so much for answering, the more I read about it, the more I am in to it! Soon I will probably buy some telescope for myself
  4. Where can i buy it?:))) Do you have any link?
  5. Thank you for all ideas! Will try ask him more what he really wants and needs. But too proud to tell me, man!
  6. Thank you John. I'll look at this. What about some nice box for lenses? Or some fancy cleaning bits for telescope? Or maybe something you are all using while observations but not necessary is connected to telescope. Have no idea what to buy.
  7. That's my problem. What details do I need to give you that you can recommend me some solar filter?
  8. Hello everybody. I have a close friend who just bought his first telescope. Skywatcher 90mm. I would like to buy him some extra present, maybe some moon filter, or something to observe the sun, or some other lens. Or maybe just some equipment he may need is his observations. I know he is planning to buy something bigger telescope in future and he struggles with tracking bits. Any ideas what can I buy for him?
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