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  1. Paul, I am a noob with a tenuous grasp on the slope of a steep learning curve in astrospectroscopy! I have been scouring "astro" sites for some good DIY and "How To" projects related to astrospectroscopy, since sometimes, knowing the hardware involved helps me understand the theory but, first and foremost, I am not at all a photographer "looking for a subject". I am interested in imaging to the extent I can get some useful information from images. A few months or more ago, I viewed your LOWSPEC on Thingiverse but, at that time, I didn't know why it was designed in any particular configuration. Since, I have gotten a much better feel for why you designed the LOWSPEC the way you did. Thanks! Now, closing in on my question(s), I see your device uses either a 300 or 1800 line grating. (BTW, I looked at the graphs and the resolution looks fantastic!) What is the calculated resolution for each of the two gratings (given some favored slit width)? (I came across this calculation not long ago but lost the source and haven't done any spectroscopy to have gained an intuitive feel for what the "R" (resolution) number translates to, yet - except, of course, a higher resolution is better.) What is the full spectral range for each grating (and favored slit combo)? (This is all assuming that I eventually get some hardware/software for capturing the images - this will be the least expensive of either a DSLR camera or a dedicated imaging device). Another question is: What is the estimated cost for all the non-printed parts? (I have a printer and can manage downloading and printing the body parts. Thanks, again!) Last question: What software could I use, or one you'd recommend, for anlaysing data? (My preference is for open-source software - especially at this stage of my abilities and my retiree's budget!) Regards, Joe
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