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  1. Yeah... probably I've missed seeing the other 50
  2. Thanks Carole, just now I noticed about 10 or more moving objects, as small as stars, moving from West to East of the Sky. I wonder if anyone has noticed them. Objects had considerable space between them but all in one row. I wonder what they were?
  3. Thanks everyone! It is Sirius for sure as it is on south-west of Alnitak. Stellarium is quite helpful. Definitely I need to learn some basic Astronomy while having trouble identifying the Sirius
  4. Every evening after 7 pm I see this bright looking object in the night sky here in Romania. Around early evening, it is in the East and moving to south. By mid-night, it almost reaches half way (or a little more) south. I assume it is a planet, I wonder which?! Can anyone help? See the pictures. planet photo1 planet photo2
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