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  1. hello all, pretty new to astrophotography but have always had an interest in astronomy. I own an old celestron celestar 8" telescope which I have only used for observing. I would like to set it up for astrophotography and currently doing some sort of check to see if it will all work. It has the standard mount as well as the optional DEC motor. I have a webcam and an USB-ST4 interface as well as the PHD2 guiding software that I would like to set up and start doing a bit of imaging. Looking for some advice on how to set it all up and get imaging (preferably in time for betelguise to go nova) ...
  2. Just wondering if anyone can help me ... I have an older Celestron Celestar 200mm (not deluxe) with a 50mm finder scope. It has a SP-4 port which I use with a hand controller. I also have a DEC motor installed on mount which I think gives me 20 degrees +/-. To date I have only used the scope for observing moon, planets and stars. I would like to give astro-photography a bash. In order to test it all out, I have installed PHD2 on my laptop, installed ASDCOM and purchased a USBST-4 insterface. and a webcam (i am testing feasibility so keeping costs down) I need some advice on how to complete the setup and take a fist shot at imaging a deep sky object like M31. Any help appreciated. dean
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