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  1. Steve, it was not intended as any form of criticism, I was being flippant as I believe your comment to be disingenuous, your edit notwithstanding. Göran, painting is not an AP term, please see my reply to Steve above for clarification. Sara, I have often seen negative references about PI users on this forum and been a bit puzzled by it, this quote from one of Steves earlier posts in this thread being a cracker " On a serious note, surely life is too short, too lacking in humour, and too full of discord for us to pay any attention to the 'sackcloth and ashes', neo-puritanism that I sometimes hear from (a small section of ) the PI faithful". Do you think I ought to renounce its use altogether or could I get away with a simple penance? Thanks Mick, glad you like it. Mike.
  2. Nothing at all to do with being a PI user Steve, I just try to keep it as real as I can otherwise I might just as well paint the subject. I don't mind at all Göran , enjoy your Christmas lunch. Mike
  3. Cheers Paddy, I wouldn't be surprised if a fair bit of the brown remains after the reprocess, but at least I'm confident I can take the reds further into the core now without fiddling with the images colour balance. Thanks again. Mike.
  4. Thanks Stu. And thank you Göran for your input . I think I might have cracked it Olly I did the final saturation boosts for the core after LRGB combination and a quick play just now gives much better core colour boosting at the RGB stage. I did consider asking the brainboxes over on Cloudy Nights when I first processed the image but there are some pretty big ego's over there and I didn't fancy getting embroiled in a long and technical thread, it is just a picture after all. Anyway I'll be leaving a reprocess for a while as there are much more enjoyable things to be doing for a few days, thank you all very much for your feedback and suggestions and I hope you all have a great Christmas and happy new year. Mike.
  5. Hey, not a problem Sara, the issue for me is that I would have to alter the images colour balance specifically for the core area to make it appear more red and that seems to me to a bit of sleight of hand, more manipulation than enhancement if you see what I mean. Mike.
  6. Thanks Michael. Thank you Yamez. I've got to believe it's correct Sara, the colour balance for this image was done globally and the rest of the image displays the colours as they should be as far as I can judge. Vicent Peris states that the colour information in the bright cores of HDR subjects can be pulled out by increasing saturation through masks which is just what I did with this image, actually in this case through a series of range masks, gradually increasing the Lower limit and smoothness values to get a seamless blend. As I'm by no means an expert Pixinsight driver I stand ready to be corrected though. Mike.
  7. Probably my last image of the year, this one is a two panel C6 HyperStar HDR LRGB mosaic, each panel 60 x 100 sec, 36 x 20 sec, 12 x 2 sec and 12 x 1 sec Lum with 18 x 180 sec, 12 x 20 sec and 12 x 5 sec R, G and B. Thanks for looking and best wishes for a very happy Christmas to you all. Mike.
  8. Michael, I have been using one of these for over a year with no problems. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6773_USB-Focus-v3-Set--Controller--temperature-sensor--strong-motor-for---1-5-kg-payload.html Mike
  9. Cheers chaps, I appreciate you taking the time to comment, thanks. Mike
  10. Thanks Mike, yes this is from the M45 to Ca data, it looks as though there is a mega mosaic of the region on the way, can't wait for all the data sets, it will be a monster! Mike
  11. A couple of years ago a friend asked me to take a picture of the "star" his wife had just "bought" him, I think she paid £20.00 at the time which I thought was an absolutely cracking bargain as the "star" was M87! Mike
  12. This image has been made with data from DSW's Rokinon 135 f2/QSI583ws set up, all subs are 300 sec, 12 each r,g & b and 36 luminance. I've done no noise reduction or star size reduction, even resampled to 1200 pixels wide the star shapes have held up quite nicely with just a touch of pixelation beginning to make an appearance, I've got to say I'm becoming addicted to these wide fields and the lovely dsw data is a real pleasure to work with, anyway enough prattle, thanks for looking and I hope you like the image. Mike
  13. Thanks Barry, the IOTD was a pleasant surprise, quite unexpected. Mike
  14. Crikey in yer face! Love it, what a cracking image. Mike
  15. Thanks Chris, I was pretty chuffed with this one myself! Mike
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