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  1. hi, apologies if this is not correct location for this question Trying to setup for guiding for first time with these cameras ASI385 MC and ASI290 mm mini , when both connected on usb3 and USB 2 respectively only the ASI290 appears and is duplicated. Both on USB2 appear correctly Have looked at various forums and have checked the details below but nothing has helped with this. Guide camera ZWO ASI290 mm mini connected by usb 2 port and ZWO ASI385 MC for imaging to USB 3 port both with new 2 meter usb cables Sharpcap v3.2.6477 10 year old Toshiba laptop No obvious
  2. Hi I have bought a skywatcher MN190 recently as the collimation appears a little off yhink need to collminate, assumed that there would be locking and adjustment screws on the primary but theee are are only 3 assumed adjustment stews, though there are 3 screw holes for locking??? is this correct??? or should there be 3 locking Screws and 3 adjustments? the included ‘manual’ is useless no information on this. cant find much useful info on doing this on MN’s assumed Colimation would be more less same as Newtonian- is that correct?
  3. Thanks for the comments, they have helped. Only concern is the weight . Is there any case or bag that can be used to transport it?
  4. I am considering to buy a Sky-Watcher Explorer 190MN DS-PRO Maksutov-Newtonian or a newtonian OTA for about 50 / 50 use though that may change with time. I dont have a fixed choice on the newtonian but thinking of an aperture of 200mm. I should have an Skywatcher eq6 mount soon and should be sufficient for what i get. think that the Maksutov-Newtonian will give better images but not sure how it is for visual? i have heard that the Maksutov-Newtonian is difficult to collminate compared with newtonians also that the dept h of focus is very shallow. does anyone have experience of
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