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  1. Welcome back joe. Im not going to upgrade just yet. Like what your saying, Im going to get to grips with what i have first! The rigel is sounding like a better idea each day haha. I see your very valid point about not finding anything! I have still been researching eyepieces and im thinking i shouldn't go lower than 5mm? I have been using the sky at night 2020 book. But i will check out the one you recommend. Thanks joe
  2. Ok thanks, I will look into this in the future.
  3. Nice one, i will bear that in mind for the future
  4. Ok thanks for enlightening me! Would you class it as an essential piece of kit?
  5. Hello. Yes this is an option. Everytime i get the telescope out i am learning more. Let us pray!
  6. I have been looking on ebay hoping to find a deal! Thanks and i am actually loving it also
  7. Hello, Yeah i dont really know what im talking about. I have only been using the telescope for about a month now. Im guessing that a quickfinder is an essential piece of kit? Thanks for the help!
  8. Greetings and thank you. Err im not sure. Its 700mm 76mm diam
  9. I have been using svbony 1.25" filters on the standard eyepieces. I was thinking any of the eyepieces i get i can use when i upgrade the telescope. Im not going to mess with the focuser! The finder scope is terrible though!
  10. Hello joe I completley understand what your saying, the telescope was a gift from my girlfriend and i know its not great but im working with what i have got at the moment bieng a proper keen beginner! I just want to get myself some half decent kit before i upgrade the telescope itself. As for the concern of the 1.25" eyepiece i have been using svbony 1.25" filters on the standard eyepieces. Thanks
  11. Yeah thats the one. Thanks for your information! I did look at the bst starguiders, just waiting on payday haha and i will definitely check out stellarium. The rigel quick finder looks nuts but i want to learn to navigate the sky the old school way first! Thanks again
  12. Hello, I have a seben 700mm reflector telescope, and have got myself a svbony filters set. I'm looking to upgrade the standard eyepieces next. Mainly been looking at the moon but want to get involved with the m42 nebula. Any help with what sort of focal length eyepieces i should be looking at buying before and whats going to give me the most bang for not a lot of bucks. Thanks
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