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  1. Thanks Ed and Andy. Following a glass of wine and some backward thinking I got it. I needed to reinstall a locking arm to tighten the inside circular plate and using a 12" spanner it came off no problem. Those Ruskies are clever! Austin
  2. I have dismantled most of the mount but the final trick of removing the axis from the rotating plate has stumped me. The attached first image showing the removed plate is what I am trying to achieve. Currently I still have the metal cover in place. I see no lock screw. Thanks in advance. Austin
  3. I am thinking about a 6" for my first attempt but living in a flat I do not have a workshop. Does one actually do the grinding at the Camden Telescope society? Thanks in advance Austin
  4. Thanks Insomnia and Paul. It's good to be able to get photos with low tech aids. Cheers, Austin
  5. Thanks John. Both the Baader fluid and cloth are on their way from FLO! Cheers, Austin
  6. Hi Peter. The "ball socket" bracket holding the camera - what is the correct name for this and where can I get one? I am hoping to build a simple barn door tracking device. Thanks in advance. Austin
  7. Mick. I have just purchased a scope with some very dirty eye pieces and focuser. How do you apply Baader? Once applied what material do you use to wipe it clean. Do you let it dry out? I understand Q tips are a no no. Thanks in advance, Austin
  8. Shane. Have you taken any photos of the Moon with your set up? Austin
  9. Hi Shane. Ordered! With Backyard Astronomer, Turn Left, and Nightwatch on their way, I am turning into an armchair astronomer. Cheers, Austin
  10. Shane. I read your previous comment about this book on my initial question about the best book ... and intended to place an order. I need to hurry before they all disappear! Cheers, Austin
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I have ordered Turn Left and Backyard Astromomer. However, Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders looks good with lots of positive reviews on Amazon .. maybe for my birthday!. Cheers, Austin
  12. Thanks for that. I will investigate! Cheers, Austin
  13. Paul. Can a Universal Digital Camera Adapter also work with refractor telescopes? Cheers, Austin
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