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  1. My third imaging session with the Sky-Watcher 72ED did not disappoint! After FINALLY having a clear night for a few hours. Included below is the full image from last night and a cropped image which I could stretch more. Feedback welcome 57x 2-minute exposures 25 darks 30 flats - not sure if these are right. Are my flats causing the gradient across the wider image? 50 bias
  2. I’m currently capturing a couple of hours on the Pleiades. Not due to get cloudy here for another 2 hours so fingers crossed I can get plenty of data! It’s pretty windy so had to set up in a sheltered corner, the subs look okay though. First clear night since Christmas Day
  3. Hi everyone I know I struggled with this along with lots of other beginners so I’ve put together a really quick video to hopefully help others in polar aligning the Star Adventurer. Subscribers always welcome Thanks Nick
  4. Great first image! Welcome to the hobby, you’ll be forever keeping an eye out on the clouds! Enjoy
  5. Thanks both. I shall continue to not use one and hope that I don't get any issues!
  6. Does anybody use a dew strap for their field flatteners? I haven't suffered from dew yet but only been able to image for 2 hours max before cloud stops play so far. I do have a spare port on my controller but I was saving that for the guide scope when I invest in one. Cheers Nick
  7. I’m hoping to invest in auto guiding equipment to do longer exposures. I also want to get my DSLR modified. Other than that I’ve just launched a website and YouTube channel so hoping I can find the time to shoot plenty of footage and add lots of content, especially images, to my website. Nick
  8. Aaand now it's cloudy definitely managed over 1hr on Heart and Soul nebula, I just hope I framed it up properly! At least I can take my darks now and get everything back inside at a reasonable hour, every cloud (pun intended)!
  9. Hi Dan, welcome to SGL! I'm not too far from you (Cirencester). I started with the 130EQ just like you! Best of luck and welcome to this incredible hobby!
  10. I'm imaging as we speak, it should stay clear here for another hour, fingers crossed! I'm on a new target, the Heart and Soul nebula. My DSLR isn't modified and even with a 2 minute sub I can only just make out the faintest of red detail so hopefully it's framed up okay!
  11. Hi everyone, I’ve just created my first YouTube video about the 72ED and would appreciate it if you gave me feedback on it. I was a little nervous posting this due to the vast amount of experience/knowledge on here but hopefully the video is okay! Really pleased with this scope and it’s currently hoovering up photons from the Heart and Soul nebula as I post this. My DSLR isn’t modified but thought I’d give it a go! Cheers Nick
  12. Yeah I’ve got the ED80 FF/reducer with the adapter to connect to 72ED. The OVL will work no problems. Hope you get some clear skies, it’s supposed to be clear down here tonight!
  13. Posted in a thread I started but thought I’d post here too. M31 Andromeda. So, so pleased with my first effort with the 72ED, what a great bit of kit that is! Been so frustrated for so long using a cheap DSLR lens and not getting great results but that is now a thing of the past! Goodbye money!
  14. Great pic! Especially with just 17 minutes worth of data! I agree with above that you should try ISO800 and see how that turns out. Nick
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