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  1. Sadly the forecast was accurate tonight so it’s a no go for me. My wife seems strangely happy that she’s had to spend the evening with me in the house a rare event recently
  2. The weather doesn’t appear to be favouring me this week sadly All I can do is cross my fingers and hope it’s wrong!
  3. Ah brilliant thanks so much! I knew it would be either plane or satellite I just hadn’t had a trail look that strange before. You are correct. IC1318 Butterfly Nebula, the bright star at the top is Sadr
  4. I’m used to having trails in my images but this one seems particularly odd with the short red and yellow lines in the middle! Anybody know what it is?
  5. What a night for us! Rocket launch AND a clear night. I’m suspicious...
  6. I don’t usually come back and post images but thought I would this time. It’s a bit noisy because I’ve overstretched it in excitement anyway, it’s 2.5 hours on IC1318 Butterfly Nebula. 2 minute subs at ISO800. No filter or guiding
  7. First subs rolling in. Really pleased with how my setup has gone tonight! Forecast is good for next few days, hoping it’s clear for my birthday on Monday
  8. Just moved my kit outside. Going to try a couple of hours on the butterfly nebula tonight (IC1318) as it’s away from the moon. Hoping it’s clear next week so that I can test out my Optolong L-eNhance on the same target when I get it
  9. Today I received a bahtinov mask and the Optolong L-eNhance filter but sadly I can’t use them until next week as they’re a birthday present from the wife
  10. Hmmm I had written tonight off but it’s beautiful outside now, and the ISS just passed overhead! Have to be up at 6 for work...maybe I’ll pull an all nighter
  11. Veil Nebula has cleared the neighbours roof. First exposure in and it’s framed up perfectly! Will leave that running for 3 hours
  12. Typical. The only part of the sky that is cloudy is right where the moon, Venus and Mercury are!
  13. Hoping to get the Veil Nebula tonight for the first time if the clouds stay away. Biggest challenge for me is it’s position it hopefully it’ll come into view after midnight!
  14. I’m currently out playing polar aligned and framed up on M13 really nicely. Absolutely love my HEQ5 (only had it a few months, bought second hand from someone on here). Not sure how long to expose for, I normally do 2 minutes as I don’t currently auto guide but given it’s due to cloud over before astro dark I might just go for 1 minute subs!
  15. High cloud predicted here. Assuming the sky stays like it is now then it could still be possible to have a go tonight! Fingers crossed
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