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  1. I've done scope control over that cable and had no issues but that was USB2 only, as you say need to give it a proper trial run to see how I get on
  2. Some great advice on here already, first thing to look at is budget as it will have a big impact on which route you take but as stated for astrophotography mount is key I went to rother valley optics as I was in the same boat and didn't really know what route to take, I advised what I wanted to achieve and first question asked was budget. I was fortunate I got a chunk of money which prompted this and wasn't as restrictive, so I went for a neq6 pro and a Skywatcher evostar 80d and a QHY 5-II for a guide camera but as I'm sure you can work out it wasn't cheap Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Fortunately for me I have a conservatory and some long usb cables so plan is to sit in there with the scope out back, but yeah putting into action will be the real test Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I've just connected up the equipment to my desktop pc and worked fine on win7 through usb3 as an update [emoji2] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks for your help, least it has given me an idea as to there is no reason it should not shall we say
  6. I assume that is controlling each via the laptop rather than connecting the camera to the mount directly? Not sure if this latter option would be any easier in that respect Any idea if operating system makes a difference, as I have an MSDN account so can get any OS i need from there
  7. Hoping someone will be able to guide me a little bit on this as I struggling to find the answer, I have an NEQ6 mount with the EQMOD and the QHY 5-II guide camera as well as a canon 1100D DSLR camera of which so far I haven't had all connected to a laptop just the NEQ6. Basically current laptop is starting to get a bit long in the tooth and I am going to try and rescue the laptop and restoring to factory, but I think it is starting to show it's age so looking at replacing and a lot of laptops now come with USB3 and I know that I have had issues with some stuff not working in the past. I am hop
  8. Great progress, 5th shot looks similar to some efforts i've had with my 1100d as some initial tests with unguided on my NEQ6 and Skywatcher ED80
  9. Unless the reflector states you can image with it then chances are the focal point is somewhere you can't get your camera, if you have the Skywatcher Explorer 200P-DS OTA then it looks like it is a shorter model setup for imaging so you can probably use this with a DSLR as you should be able to get the camera sensor to the prime focus spot The NEQ6 pro is rated to 25kg visual and 18kg imaging in terms of payload, I have no idea on the weight of your existing OTA but as FLO sells the 300mm reflector on this mount I would say you would be fine with this. I have the NEQ6 pro but only using the ed
  10. I will add my 2 pence worth to this, as I was looking at basically the same setup you are talking about last year when i was looking at spending similar money. I went to a fairly handy placed Rother Valley Optics as they are only a 40mins drive or so for me, I went wanting the setup you describe but I wanted to get some advice as well from people with experience who I could talk to and explain what my aims were and see what they would advise me to do. I explained to a very helpful chap who's name escapes me for the time being, and I explained to him my goal is to do DSO imaging with my Canon 1
  11. Some very good comments on here, as stated such a shame it got so far and to fall at the last leg as it were. As mentioned above given how little a budget given to Beagle 2 I think everyone expected there to be nothing left when it was not heard from, I recall the media attention around the time for both Colin and the lander being so positive and how inspiring a project it was. The fact it survived intact on the surface and got as far as it did to me is proof that we can do things on a smaller cheaper scale if you have the right passionate team behind it and be realistic about your aims within
  12. Stunning image from probably the greatest scientific tool ever made in my opinion Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I'll add my 2 pence to this subject, which obviously has brought up a lot of different opinions on this matter. SPM started S@N back in the late 50's when the space race was starting, and from a media point of view for members of the public there was a very limited choice of sources of information. He the job for such a long time he and the show are referred to at the same time mostly, and when he passed away it would have been a bigger crime if the show died with him in my opinion. What you also need to think is now we have such a bigger source of information rather than just S@N for our astr
  14. I watched the episode last night and enjoyed it, thought it gave a pretty interesting insight into what was occurring possibly more so due to the outcome of the lander. I along with others by the sounds of it thought about Sir Patrick during this episode think he would have loved the excitement. As for Maggie I thought the same thing when she started, however someone pointed out to me she has a some similar mannerisms to Sir Patrick in her presenting style I think so hopefully experience she can reign in the excitement a little
  15. It is the evostar tube I have, I'll have to weigh up an extension tube or focal reducer as I'd rather not spend much more right now. Moon wasn't visible when I tried so will have to try vega next time I get chance to break it out depending on the weather Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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