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  1. One or more of his series are available pretty much continuously on BBC iPlayer. Not quite sure that I see the point of a compilation other than the impossibility of shooting a new series around the world in a pandemic. Only Attenborough gets more repeats!
  2. Space Junk Is Our New Tragedy of the Commons https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-04-17/space-junk-like-overfishing-and-pollution-is-a-global-tragedy-of-the-commons Good to see this getting coverage in the mainstream media.
  3. Surely it is not a visual scope at all, but an imaging scope.
  4. I had a quick look through the EAA document. The images are very impressive and show what EAA can achieve. It does not make sense to compare EAA with Astrophotography which uses far longer exposure times and a lot more post capture processing. But it is clear from your posts that you aren’t interested in the technology driven approach. To observe Nebulae and Galaxies you really need very dark skies. Star Clusters and double stars, not so much, because you can increase the magnification to darken the background. I would go with option 5 which will make it much easier to come to a purchase decision. Availability of equipment will likely return to normal when the pandemic is over.
  5. What you are no doubt trying to do is virtual network computing, or VNC for short. A non gamers VNC alternative: https://www.realvnc.com/en/connect/home/
  6. Thank you for an excellent inspiring report.
  7. I thought that the Sky At Night program was excellent, one of the best I have seen.
  8. That’s what happens when they announce the announcement instead of just making it.
  9. My guess, for what it is worth. The Event Horizon Team on Monday will announce that they have captured the first image of the super massive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way. A follow up to last years well publicised first image of a black hole.
  10. My guess. The Event Horizon Team will on Monday announce that they have captured the first image of the super massive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way.
  11. I very much enjoyed reading your report, even if a few months have gone by since you posted! Thanks for posting.
  12. I watched the first half on iPlayer. Disappointing, so far, perhaps the second half will get better.
  13. More bad news for astronomers and stargazers. Taking on SpaceX, Amazon to invest $10 billion in satellite broadband plan
  14. Why not just wait 4 to 6 weeks by which time there is a high probability that the restrictions will have been removed.
  15. Great report. Thanks for posting. I think that you would have a chance of seeing the pulsar at the heart of the Crab Nebula with your 20 if you like a little challenge.
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