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  1. @UR8IP Wdym? It is the feed, not the "Reflector" /dish?! And it wasn't that expensive. And for the Original question, I asked, I managed to bend it 90° with professional help, so this shouldn't be a Problem.
  2. Hello @UR8IP, Why does it need to be aluminum? Since Copper is more conductive! And does it need to be exactly 90° or can it be less?!
  3. Hello everyone! @Carl Reade Does this (on the bi quad feed) need to be exactly 90° or can it be like that? Thanks in Advance, Fedor
  4. Hello everyone! @Carl Reade How did you attach the 'Sides' of the bi quad, to the main Plate? Did you bend it, or did you glue it, (if yes, with what did you glue it?).? Bcs I can't find any Conductive Glue for Metall! Greetings from Austria Fedor (aka. Kaffeedor)
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