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  1. 100 degree really pulled me in. I would rather go with the whole serię only to DSO. I have repeatedly compared Morpheus with ES, and although it is a completely different power, I prefer the saturation of ES colors to the faded stars of Morpheus. For example, in the double Perseus cluster there are several characteristic orange stars. They are wonderful in ES. With Morpheus this Orange is not So obvious. On the other hand, this coolness of Baader does AN excellent job on the Moon. There is a lot of talk about ugly edge brightening in 4,5mm. Considering that the price of Baader is 75% Delo/t6/XW it May be worth playing extra for flawless quality...
  2. Hello. A New eyepiece has been with me for some Time. After a long reflection I bought the ES 14mm 100 degree. What can I say... Excellent EP! Great color saturation, endless field. A great decision. I also have Morpheus 9mm and I'm a bit disappointed with it. It's a cold and tight compared to ES. I use it for the moon and my question is Born here. I like the Wide view of the lunar and I have to choose Nagler 5mm t6 vs Delo 4,5. However, I found report with a difficult eye placement on Delo. Can you respond to that? Would t6 be better on the planet, moon?
  3. I would add to that. My heart: + for Ethos
  4. I have good eyesight and I don't Wear glasses. But... The set has two EP. Tiny Plossl 9mm. It's ergonomics is a mistake, a Tiny Lens in which you need to Press the eye. It's no good. The other is 30mm Erfle and that suits me. Big Lens and comfortable ER. That's I reject ES100. Ethos, ES92, Apm remain, because Wide field for DSO is a condition. Apm as I read collets good reviews but I Just don't like it (rubbish plastics). It May be silly but it is. Ethos vs ES92 would be my choice... Ethos + excellent quality, value + accept ergonomics + weight - high price ES92 + acceptable quality + excellent ergonomics + good price - high weight In order not complicate myself with these two EPs I will choose.
  5. Just buy one and enjoy the views.
  6. Great response. I See publications I don"t know about here. How about this? The map is 150×150cm https://www.vademecum-astronomii.pl/wielka-mapa-ksiezyca.html
  7. To be honest, my belief in the Perfect choice has been a Little shaken. You May actually need at look at more affordable options. I don't know anymore... Yesterday I read a lot about ES92 12 and 17mm for the price of the one Ethos. It looks like they are collecting great reviews. Advise the newcomer but honestly because I have already stupid...
  8. This is the New German edition Antonin Rukl.
  9. Since I prefer paper cards to Glass screen I have a Modest collection of moon maps. What are your help with watching Luna?
  10. Maniek


    Hello. I have Dobson 10" for several months. I live in the countryside on the outskirts of 30. 000 cities. The sky 5-5,5mag. On good nights I can See the Milky Way perfectly. I, m Just learning and it's a great adventurer. Greetings.
  11. jaJust reviewed both Nikon and Docter UWA. Gentelmen, it's not BMW, it's AstonMartin I think I will stay with TV. Thank for all the help. I am absolutely sure of my choice. When I turn on the first light I will describe the impressions. You have experience gained over the years and measured by hundreds of EPs. Having a telescope for a few moment I base my choice on voices like yours. That's why I think it's a good choice. And whether it is Ethos, Delo, XW or other is probably Just a matter of personal feelings, because in the difference of the image the hair will probably not fit.
  12. I full agree. There are many other, cheaper and not much worse EP that you can also enjoy. However, the quality of Ethos is indisputable. This set I dreamed of is not a whim of a Rich guy. On the contrary. I work hard and if I have a goal I can Save money. Let's say you want a New car. You dreamed about a BMW series 3. Every one ssys it's a great car. You Save money. And I say "Hey, Man! Why do you need a BMW? Buy a Fiat. That's what you can drive witch." But you Just want BMW. It all comes down Our choices. And what Jon said. I will change the telescope in some Time. Maybe 14" or 16" and good EP will remain. Because telescope is Just antenna. The screen with your favorite movie is an eyepiece.
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