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  1. Hi everyone so excited to be a part of Stargazers Lounge. I have always looked to the stars in wonderment and had small telescopes and not really seen more than our own solar system and quite poorly. My hubby just got me a Celestron NexStar 8SE (354x Max Mag. ) Focal length 2032mm, F/10.0 Focal Ratio, Schmidt - Cassegrain Telescope 8 inch Aperture (203mm). Also got a case which included 5 color lens & additional lens: e-lux 40mm, 32mm & 26mm plus 2x . Plus we already switched out the original star finderpoint with a 9.5 R.A.C.I. Finderscope . I'm looking to get things like: Dew Shield, White light filter (for sun viewing), Urban city filter and Moon filter and a Celestron NEXYZ 3 - axis Universal Smartphone Adapter. I'd appreciate any good sites for purchasing said items as they're are not any good local hobby shops around here. Also any advise on which lens to get next so that I can see much further into space especially things like Helix Nebulae (Eye of God) I did see so far, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Moon, Mercury ( none of which showed their true colors just white lights ( so I definitely need certain lens to alter that effect.) and Saturn, But Saturn was only the size of a pencil eraser, which was greatly disappointing (granted it is currently 1.01 billion miles away....lol). I did find Pleiades just kinda fuzzy lights, and Acamar Theta Eridani So help on which lens to use would be greatly appreciated. Frankly I cant understand how I can see Saturn so far away and venus is so close but so small in my telescope I expected to see it half the size of the moon in it . I'm such a newb! Anyhoo, Hi everyone!
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